World Trigger Chapter 218: Short Hiatus Announced, New Release Date and Spoilers


The series follows a monthly schedule which means that the manga releases new chapters every month rather than on a weekly basis.

On December 2, 2021, Chapters 216 and 217 were released. The chapters are titled “The Away Mission Test Part 14” and “The Away Mission Test Part 15,” respectively. To find out more about World Trigger Chapter 218, continue reading.

World Trigger Manga Hiatus Announced

Recently, it was announced that the World Trigger manga will be going on a hiatus in January. So, the manga will not release any new chapters in the 02/2022 issue of Jump Square.

The reason for the hiatus is reportedly due to the mangaka Daisuke Ashihara’s poor health. While his specific health issues are not revealed, we hope that he recovers soon.


About World Trigger Manga 

The manga tells the story of when a gate to another world suddenly opens in Mikado City, and from it dangerous creatures caller ‘Neighbors’ emerge that threaten all of humanity. Earth’s only reliable defense is a mysterious organization called ‘Border’ that has appropriated the technology of the Neighbors called ‘Triggers’.

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Recap of World Trigger Chapters 216-217 

  • Ui is responsible for placing the opponents on the actual map. Suwa sees Arafune being used as a pure attacker and he asks his sniper Oki to go to a higher building for a better view of enemies.
  • Suwa tells his team to hang back as the other team seems to be doing the same. They need to be careful because the opponent has better attack range than them, except for Oki.

World Trigger Chapter 216

  • Teruya then snipes at Oki, and now they realize the presence of a sniper in the left building. They hold back from shooting a second time with the intention to lure them in. They decide to surround the enemy sp they can attack with a close-ranged combo.
  • But their communication problems lead to the Mizukami squad gaining an upper hand on them.
  • Mizukami reveals that his strategy was successful because Suwa’s team was too desperate for points.
  • Suwa’s team did not have great strategies. But Mikumo realizes that their main issue was coordination. However, they need to move forward instead of dwelling on their mistakes.
  • Their match with Murakami’s squad will soon begin and Katori suggests they take inspiration from Mizukami. Mikumo advocates for a more assertive strategy, as a passive one won’t help them.
  • But they have no time to come up with a strategy. They get defeated by Murakami’s squad.
  • Then, their third match is with Utagawa’s squad where Suwa’s squad once again loses. They get defeated in their fourth and fifth match as well.
  • Mikumo says they need to work on their communication. He also tells Ui to tag the enemy team players before the match begins.

World Trigger Chapter 217

  • Just when they think they’ve come up with a possibly reliable strategy, Suwa informs them of the surprise assignment.

Expectations of World Trigger Chapter 218

  • Now that Suwa’s squad has thought of a good plan, they may be able to put up a good fight this time around. It’ll be interesting to see how they manage to pull off their strategy against the other teams.

World Trigger Chapter 217

  • Also, the specal assignment arrived at such last minute that the members may remain baffled and feel pressured by the entire situation. However, Mikumo might be able to come up with something to help his team.

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Leaks and Raw Scans of World Trigger Chapter 218

The raw scans usually come out two to three days before the official release. So it will take a while before we get to enjoy some spoilers. Make sure to check back on our site for the latest news regarding this!

Release Date of World Trigger Chapter 218

World Trigger Chapter 218 is now scheduled to return in the 03/2022 issue of Jump Square on Thursday, February 3, 2022.


Where to Read World Trigger? 

You can read World Trigger Chapter 218 on Viz Media’s official website or Shueisha’s Mangaplus service.


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