Why Is Caitlyn In The Entitled Always Mean To Belinda?


Belinda and Caitlyn have a unique relationship. One where Caitlyn is always making fun and being unkind towards Belinda. But that takes a major turn during the second half of the film.

Caitlyn is Belinda’s step sister who is a completely entitled, high class teen. Whereas Belinda is a messy and untidy girl coming from a completely different place. It is very clear that both the girls have been raised in an entirely different environment. While Belinda was raised as an orphan in slums; Caitlyn is raised in a mansion by her loving and wealthy parents.

Caitlyn is often seen rolling her eyes and making snide comments towards Belinda, and also not treating her well. She is also seen getting embarrassed by Belinda and ignoring her when she’s with her friends. And even though the teen’s attitude towards her was cold, Belinda didn’t mind since she was her younger sister. Caitlyn is not used to the habits that Belinda has, and most of the time finds them funny or gross. She most of the time got annoyed with Belinda’s habits.


As the movie progresses Caitlyn gets warmer towards Belinda. In the second half of the movie the troublesome teen gets fond of her step sister. After Caitlyn comes home crying and Belinda finds out that she was troubled by some guy, she goes to crack down on the guy with Caitlyn. After that the sisters bond and get closer to each other. While Belinda was leaving to go back to Nalapok, Caitlyn runs after her to hug her and says that she will miss her. 

Caitlyn went from being icy towards her sister to accepting her and loving her. This sisterly love is surely one of the best parts of the movie.

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If you haven’t watched The Entitled yet, you watch the movie on Netflix. The movie is about how Belinda bumbles her way through a new, sophisticated lifestyle with the help of a charming lawyer after learning her estranged father is a hotel mogul.

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