Why Hinata’s Lack Of Character Development in Naruto Is A Dealbreaker


Hinata Hyūga is one of the main supporting characters in the famed Naruto series. However, her lack of character development in the franchise has been one of the most discusses topics among the fans.

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Here are some of the reasons why we believe her character is still quite underwhelmed.




Lack of Hinata’s character development

Physical strength of Hinata

From the beginning of the Naruto series, she is shown as a physically weak character. Moreover, her growth in the franchise can be compared to the story of a damsel in distress.

Additionally, whenever she tries to fight for something she either ends up failing, being defeated, or relying on someone else’s help to save herself.

Subsequently, she lost to her younger sister and even tried to have a match against Neji during the chunin exams. However, she lost consciousness and spent most of part 1 of the Naruto series either sleeping or missing the main action.

In addition, Neji died to save her so she wouldn’t get impaled.


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Mental strength of Hinata

Her personality is supposedly depicted as someone who could go to any length to avoid conflicts. Furthermore, Neji has previously pointed out that she agrees with others on almost everything.

Additionally, despite having a major crush on Naruto, she remains a bystander when he is facing trouble and never stands up for him.



Naruto’s relationship with Hinata

The relationship between Hinata and Naruto can be easily summed up as complex. She went from stalking her crush from behind a tree to attempting suicide after realizing that her feelings would never be reciprocated.

Moreover, she got together with Naruto after supposedly guilt-tripping him into accepting her feelings thanks to Sakura and a genjutsu.

Hinata’s character mostly revolved around Naruto. Besides her feelings for the protagonist, she is shown as someone who has no other hobbies or interests.


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