Why Has Chris Hemsworth Watched Only One Episode Of Loki?


Thor actor Chris Hemsworth revealed why he has only seen one episode of Loki on Disney+.

The longstanding MCU actor is a busy guy, taking on any number of mythological threats, teaming up with the Avengers, and even patrolling the wasteland of the Mad Max franchise.

Hemsworth has been a mainstay in Hollywood for more than a decade and has developed a bit of brotherhood between him and a number of Marvel Studios stars. The biggest of these partnerships has to be with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.



The pair of on-screen brothers have shared many moments together, in-universe and not, recently celebrating ten years since the “two unknown lads were given the keys to the [MCU] kingdom.”

With this close bond between the Thor and Loki actors, one would think they would share in each other’s successes and be caught on the other’s catalog. Well, a new quote from Hemsworth proves that may not be the case, as he still hasn’t seen all of Hiddleston’s only MCU solo project to date.

Chris Hemsworth Misses Loki on Disney+

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth revealed that he has only seen one episode of Loki on Disney+, as well as the exact reason why.

Hemsworth told Horowitz, “I think I saw an episode of Loki,” remarking that being off “galivanting” with his three kids is the reason he hasn’t taken the deep dive on the series yet.


When asked what he does watch when he gets the time, the MCU star said he watches “whatever [his] kids are watching” which “recently was Jackass:”

Horowitz: “What do you watch when you have the opportunity?”

Hemsworth: “Peaky Blinders has been a favorite of mine… yeah, yeah. It’s wicked. I could watch Cillian Murphy all day. He’s incredible… What have I watched? I mean look, I can’t even… I don’t know. It could be whatever my kids are watching… which recently was Jackass and I’m like, ‘That’s not a kid’s movie.’ And [them] asking all sorts of questions, which I can’t answer.”

Host Josh Horowitz joked that Hemsworth’s latest Disney+ series Limitless is not too far off from Jackass and that the actor should “be in the next Jackass movie,” to which the Avenger responded “then I definitely won’t be doing another Thor movie” because that crew would “break [him]:”


Will Chris Hemsworth Ever Watch Loki?

It seems rather unlikely that Chris Hemsworth will ever watch Loki in its entirety. He goes where his kids go at this point, so if they don’t want to watch Loki, then it is not happening.

But that doesn’t count out the potential of it happening forever. Eventually, one of these kids will take a liking to the MCU, and then the rewatch will begin, including Tom Hiddleston’s Multiversal adventure.

However, the actor should not feel the need that he has to watch his Asgardian brother’s streaming series. Sure, he might get some fun out of it, but the two have shared so many moments together that perhaps their relationship has gone past showing up and taking in everything the other does.

Hiddleston has his own family and life outside the MCU, as does Hemsworth. And with this newly announced break from acting, the Thor actor will be taking part in, he has no reason to catch up and make sure he has seen everything in the Marel Studios universe.


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