Why Are The Infinity Stones Useless In TVA? Why Didn’t The TVA stop Thanos?

Loki Fans Hate How The TVA Keeps Infinity Stones In A Drawer

Fans are starting to get pissed. So basically, Earth had the Eternals and the TVA watching over them and could’ve done something to stop Thanos, but they just didn’t.

Why are the Infinity Stones useless in TVA?

Ever wondered that there would be a day where we would see the Infinity Stones used as a paperweight?

I mean, if Tony Stark were alive, he would’ve had some serious comments on how he gave his life because of some damn paperweights.


The whole Phase 3 looks meaningless or cartoony now that we saw the Tesseract and the other stones being completely useless.

Why didn’t the TVA Just collect the Infinity Stones and keep them?

Now we know that the TVA could go to any timeline and could apprehend anyone. So yes, probably capturing Thanos could’ve been a little more complicated than Loki, but they could’ve done it.

And even though the thought makes us furious, there are not many things they can do if you think about it.

Why Are The Infinity Stones Useless In TVA? Why Didn’t The TVA stop Thanos?

See, they are the keepers of time, and if they interfere, it would mean that they are breaking their own rules.

According to what we saw, and Mobius said, they didn’t even capture Loki because everything he was about to do was supposed to happen, and that was supposed to shape the Avengers.


Magic does not work inside TVA neither does the power of Infinity Stones, which could actually eliminate planets, now comes the question of where the TVA is set in.

Where is the TVA building located?

Why Are The Infinity Stones Useless In TVA? Why Didn’t The TVA stop Thanos?
TVA Building

The Time Variance Authority building or city is located in the Null-Time Zone. Remember when Mobius said time works differently here and when an agent hit Loki, and the time was totally different during those seconds? Yes, that’s all thanks to Null-Time Zone.

TVA’s base operation is from here, and they could control and reset every timeline through operating from this base.

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