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Who Is Tom Hiddleston’s Girlfriend? Here’s Loki Actor’s Dating Timeline!

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With Loki dropping on Disney Plus just a few days back and the world being swoon again by his charm, Tom Hiddleston has been brought back to the spotlight, and fans are wondering who is the lucky woman who won his heart.

Tom Hiddleston has been in some non-serious relationships for a long time, but this time he is supposedly in a strong and serious one.

Who is Tom Hiddleston’s girlfriend?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Tom Hiddleston officially has a girlfriend, and we have some really good news regarding her. Tom Hiddleston is dating Zawe Ashton ever since 2019.

It is said that they both met in 2019 and have been living together since 2020 summer. However, they have kept the whole relationship out of the public eye.

Who is Zawe Ashton?

Zawe Ashton is the secret girlfriend of Tom Hiddleston, who has been living with the Loki actor in Atlanta, Georgia, for the past year.

Zawe Ashton is a British actor who met Hiddleston during London’s West End production of the play Betrayal.

Who is the villain of Captain Marvel 2?

Again, Zawe Ashton. She has been added to the MCU cast as she will be joining the Captain Marvel sequel as its main villain.

This also explains why both the actors are camped up in Atlanta a little. However, the main reason is still said to be to avoid all the glitz and glamor.


Loki is one of the most famous villains and is definitely the most loved one too. Zawe, who will be playing a villain now, can step into the role more with Hiddleston around. We can’t wait to see them pair up on the screen.

Here’s a list of other celebrities Hiddleston dated in the past years.

How long did Tom Hiddleston and Susannah Fielding date?

Tom and Susannah dated for three years, from 2008 to 2011. Hiddleston was trying to get his name carved in Hollywood history back then but kept failing until he was cast in the Thor Franchise in 2010.

The pair split up to accommodate their career.

Did Tom Hiddleston date Jessica Chastain?

It has been heavily rumored that Jessica Chastain broke her ‘no dating actor’ rule and dated Hiddleston. Still, she has called him a friend on some levels and avoided giving out what the interviewer was expecting.

But if you look at Chastain’s dating timeline with her husband, it doesn’t add up, so Hiddleston and Chastain’s rumors are just bogus.

Who Is Jane Arthy?


Jane Arthy, a record executive, was seen together with Hiddleston all cozy during a Wimbledon Tennis Championship back in 2013 in London.

The thing that confirmed their romance was a tweet from Elle UK’s former editor Chief who said, “I sat next to actor Tom Hiddlestone [sic.] and his girlfriend Jane #wimbledonfinal. He’s a very funny man.”

But when asked, Hiddleston just said, “I understand the curiosity. One day I hope when there’s really something to write home about, then I’ll be able to talk.”

Did Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen date?

Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen had known each other for many years, even before they starred in the same movie in 2018 (Avengers: Infinity War).

In 2015, Hiddleston and Olsen were heavily rumored to be dating as they were spotted going on dates together. However, Olsen later cleared that it was coincidental meeting Hiddleston for dinner and that nothing was going on.

But there may have been a small summer fling between the two for two months in 2015 as Olsen had just broken off her engagement with Boyd Holbrook.

Which Taylor Swift song is about Tom Hiddleston?


Taylor Swift has gone through her shares of heartbreaks, and one was with Hiddleston. It was strong enough for her to write a song about it.

They officially came out holding hands in 2016. But things ended by the end of the 2016 summer. The whole thing was too publicized to the extent of people asking if it was a publicity stunt.

Anyway, it is heavily rumored that Taylor Swift’s Getaway Car is written about Tom Hiddleston.

After the Taylor Swift debacle in 2016, Hiddleston has managed to keep his personal life completely private until fans found about Zawe Ashton this year.








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