Where Was Loki In Age Of Ultron? And High Chances That We Probably Missed It


Loki In Age Of Ultron:

Avengers: Age Of Ultron had many characters. Moreover, it was also supposed to have Loki In Age Of Ultron. However, we did miss the charismatic villain. This is especially because he did not even have a cameo appearance in the film. But as it turns out from Age Of Ultron Deleted Scenes, he was in the film. Just that Joss Whedon removed his cameo in post-production.


The Age Of Ultron Deleted Scenes

In the film, Scarlet Witch uses her powers to induce a scary dreamlike state in her victims. In such a state, people get hallucinated and visit their past. Loki was also in one of these dream sequences. However, his appearance was ultimately cut during post-production.

Loki was in an earlier cut of Age of Ultron, but Joss Whedon removed his brief cameo in post-production. from marvelstudios

Loki was a part of the dream sequence for Thor. However, audiences were starting to over-emphasize Loki In Age Of Ultron. Additionally, according to the makers, it was confusing to people. Moreover, this was because everyone was thinking that he was controlling Ultron and misbalancing people’s expectations.



Fan Reaction To Loki:

While many fans probably missed seeing Loki In Age Of Ultron, many others did see him in the scene. Most fans also think it is weird that Loki appearing in a dream sequence could make audiences think he is controlling Ultron. However, others are of the opinion that it is simply yet another proof that even the most simple and irrelevant thing can affect and change the entire film.

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