What’s The New Netflix Feature Everyone Is Talking About?


Netflix is one of the biggest saviors of the pandemic and boredom in general, but fans had some trouble with it, and it has finally rectified it.

Netflix finally listens to fans?

Anybody who knows how to use a simple tech can find out how to use Netflix. No matter how old the platform is, it still hasn’t made complete changes to the app.

We still have to go to a website to change payment info or anything important. It doesn’t look like they are doing anything about it now, so let’s not worry about that.

But there was this another feature, every fan wanted, which will save them hours and sometimes days.


What is this new feature on my Netflix app?

Well, fear not, we got you covered. So, Netflix has finally given fans something that will help them save a lot of energy overthinking what to watch next.

This new feature won’t be like the one we already have, ‘similar movies or shows.’ This one will instead be a feature where we press the Play Something button, and Netflix plays Shows or movies.

This is purely based on the algorithm. The feature will consider your watch history and start playing shows or movies, whatever is most related to your previous watch history.



What do I do if I don’t like the show that is streaming through Play Something?

Don’t worry; it won’t be like the auto-playing trailer debacle. If you don’t like what Netflix’s algorithm has chosen for you, you could come out of this feature or just keep changing it until it gets it right.

This is kinda similar to the similar shows feature, but here you will be directly shown an episode or the beginning of a movie to decide whether you will stay and watch more or not.

With the second wave shutting down countries again, this seems to be a better option than going out. So, happy binging people.



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