What Caused Tensed Behaviour Between Doctor Strange And Loki



The MCU introduced audiences to a techie like Iron Man, to magician like Doctor Strange, to spy like Black Widow. What started out as a small, involved core team eventually became an army, and Avengers: Endgame is a classic example of such development.

However, the MCU is vast, and some characters were not allowed to share screen time, let alone exchange a line or two. Meanwhile, others have unexplained connections that are never fully explored during films. One such pair is Doctor Strange and Loki, but fans already have a theory that sheds some light on their situation.

The only communication between the two that the audience sees is in Thor: Ragnarok. While this is an entertaining conversation, some fans may be questioning the conflicts of characters who have never seen each other before. Still, there is a theory that Loki‘s reputation may have preceded him.


As a defender of Eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange might have raised awareness of what happened or what might happen. The wizard may be aware of Loki‘s past plans to betray Thor, the acquisition of Earth and the acquisition of Asgard, and any future projects.

Additionally, the theory suggests that Time Stone may reveal Loki‘s future actions. God’s morality may have reached a grey area in recent films, but in the wider universe, Loki might have less than amicable plans when it concerns Earth. It may be unfair to judge someone about things that haven’t happened yet, but fans should keep in mind that Doctor Strange safeguards the world and is responsible for all the magical threats.

Loki in Thor Ragnarok

Loki‘s mischievous nature means that he can use his power, regardless of the situation. It conflicts with the wizard’s way of life, which is based on helping others and not placing his authority on others. So, Loki‘s chaotic personality is Strange‘s direct antithesis. Combine this with God’s actions, then the reaction Doctor Strange showcases during the movie make sense.


Lastly, dislike does not have to be caused by any perceived or theoretical doubts. This theory proposes the idea that Strange may have worked on people who were injured by Loki‘s attack in Avengers. It was confirmed in the Avengers: Endgame that he worked at a hospital in New York during the invasion, so he saw the damage caused by the attacking force and tried to save the lives of the wounded. And it’s likely he holds a grudge against Loki for the destruction of his city, as well the pain he inflicted on his patients.

All of these theories blend well with the canon material, filling in the gaps that were left after the Avenger‘s story concluded. Furthermore, it adds another layer to the characters, giving a more rounded view for the fans. Whether viewers believe in the theories or trust only the official content, there’s no denying the hostility between the two magic users stems from something deep.

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