Watch Official Trailer of Marvel’s “Infinity Saga” From Infinity Saga Box Set


The Infinity Saga Box Set launch:

We saw the indirect reveal of Marvel’s Infinity Saga Box Set at SDCC 2019. The Marvel Infinity Saga trailer is a two minute and thirty-none second reel. Also, it shows all the major events that have affected the MCU in its first three phases. It also includes the emotional fallout between its heroes. And now, it is available for us to access online.

The SIGGRAPH event in Los Angeles also showed the video. Sources also suggest that it is a trailer for the Infinity Saga Box Set by Marvel. The set will include all the 23 films under the MCU banner. This does not come off as a surprise which is especially because Marvel has made similar box sets from each of the MCU phases previously.

The Marvel Infinity Saga Trailer:

The Marvel Infinity Saga trailer starts out with the clanging of Tony Stark’s hammer. We can see him constructing his first primitive Iron Man suit in Afghanistan. Stark then starts with a monologue about the beginning of the Avengers Initiative. He says that it began with something pure and exciting. Meanwhile, the screen shows the original team members flying across.


Stark then talks about moving forward, into the future, while the screen shows new heroes. This includes the Winter Soldier, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy. This is in addition to Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man as well.

A Hint To The Infinity Saga Box Set:

The trailer also shows some of the most memorable events in MCU history. We can hear Paul Bettany’s Vision speaking about the strengths of the Avengers. He goes on to say that this strength breeds conflict, challenge and eventually catastrophe. The video ends with Stark’s final act of self-sacrifice, an act that saved the world. The video is a tear-jerker, something bittersweet, yet nostalgic.


In the end, all the MCU movie titles morph together into the logo banner of The Infinity Saga. It acts as the summation of the whole history of Marvel. It is also a hint to the new Infinity Saga Box Set. The release date of the set is still not known.

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