WandaVision Theory: Doctor Strange’s Nightmare Will Be The Villain

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Nightmare’s Role as Villain In Doctor Strange 2:

According to rumours, Nightmare has a role in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But before becoming a Villain in Doctor Strange 2, it is possible to see him as the secret villain in WandaVision. Marvel Studios is expanding the MCU with the launch of its video streaming platform Disney Plus. It is also developing many live-action TV shows with direct ties to the MCU movies.

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Nightmare the villain of Doctor Strange 2

WandaVision will also act as a base for future Marvel films. Reports suggest that Scarlet Witch will have an important role in Doctor Strange 2, which will release in 2021. While we don’t know her role in the film, but we do know that she will be working alongside Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness:


According to the title, the film will explore the multiverse in a more proper way. Nightmare will possibly act as the primary Villain in Doctor Strange 2. Kevin Feige has also teased that WandaVision will directly act as a set up to the film’s story. This might also give us a clear glimpse into the history and relation between the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange.

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The Theory Suggesting Nightmare As The Villain:

In WandaVision, it is possible that Wanda could use her power and ability to show people visions and nightmares of the future. This way, she will be able to explain her newly altered life. Also, there are possibilities that all this happens in her head, instead of in reality. She can also use these visions to unknowingly tap into a power that she hasn’t before, like the power of the Dream Dimension.


In Marvel Comics, the Dream Dimension is a realm which is comprised of the human unconscious. It also has multiple sub-realms in it. One of the most famous of these sub-realms is the Nightmare World. Subsequently, a powerful demon named Nightmare rules this domain. Nightmare is also known for being the tormentor of Marvel heroes like Hulk and Spider-Man.

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In the comics, he invades their dreams and tortures them. He is also one of the biggest enemies of Doctor Strange. In keeping with this, Nightmare could not only invade, but also help to create this alternate reality in WandaVision.

Marvel’s Plans with Nightmare:


Nightmare might plan to help the Scarlet Witch create this alternate reality and take it away from her at the perfect time. And in order to do this, he will need to have a close eye on Wanda. Keeping this in mind, the mysterious nosy neighbour in WandaVision could be a perfect fit for Nightmare’s character.

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Alternatively, this might also affect Wanda. She could then open the multiverse with the combination of many emotions like anger and grief. In such a case, the Nightmare will be able to freely terrorize humanity or affect the universe as well.

The Theory’s relation to Nightmare being the Villain in Doctor Strange 2:


If the theory is true, then WandaVision will be extremely important in the set up of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The series will portray the mental status of Wanda in the sequel. It will also explore her history with the main villain of the movie. Scarlet Witch will be able to get her motivations for Doctor Strange 2.

It is important here to note that she almost singlehandedly beat Thanos in Endgame out of pure anger. So, if Nightmare potentially takes away an entire family from her, there are no limits to what will she do to the demon.feat

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In this way, WandaVision will set up Scarlet Witch for the sequel. It will also introduce the main Villain in Doctor Strange 2. Moreover, if the theory of Kathryn Hahn’s mysterious neighbour playing Nightmare is correct, then Marvel Studios may have already cast the role.


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