The Eternals: Who is the Villain, Ikaris or Deviants?

When Will Eternals 2 Release? Where Will It Fit Into The MCU Saga?

The upcoming new project from MCU “the Eternals” could come with a bang on the global box office or could prove to be a bomb. The recent trailer gave the missing action sequence viewers were craving. Ikaris is shown in action majorly and we suppose him to be the star of the film. But there could be a new possibility.

The Eternals

Eternals Family in Detail

The Galactic superheroes were created by the Celestials to fight the deviants, who were only interested in harming the life force. The Eternals came to earth 7000 years ago to defend humans. Ajak is the spiritual leader and Ikaris is the tactical leader. Ajak is the head of this family while Ikaris being 2nd in command. Ikaris is moral, kind, charismatic, and the most powerful member. He is equivalent to the DC’s Superman. He takes pride in keeping the family safe.

The last time deviants and the Eternals met, Ikaris proposed to kill them all but Ajak convinced him otherwise. The deviants were put into hibernation in the first encounter. Now the demons awakened again with the Hulk’s snap, they are a threat to the life on earth. This time when they meet, Ikaris will do everything to kill them. The trailer reveals him as ruthless towards the villains.


The villain 

Druig was supposed to be the big bad eternal and a possible villain. However, Marvel put the Deviants in that box. But with new revelation, the Deviants are only the victims. Celestials, the creators of the Eternals family could be the antagonist too. Also, Arishem the Judge could lock horns with the Eternals. My theory is that the Eternals take on their strongest family member, Ikaris. He could be the antagonist rather than a protagonist.


Reasons to support my Theory

The theory is backed by the absence of Ajak in the following sequence. She is not with the family fighting the antagonists. It is possible that she went to talk to her creators, the celestials or she was killed by Ikaris when the latter loses his control. We can say this because in a particular scene Ikaris was shown projecting heat beams from his eyes with Ajak home in the background. This probably means he lost his cool and killed the leader.

Ikaris could have his own reasons for being a tyrant. The first one could be his pride turned into ego and he wanted to become the leader of the Eternals. Another reason for turning rogue for him could be his eternal love for Sersei. With Ikaris’ ego growing with his power, maybe Sersei left him and got attached to a human named Dane Whitman. Ikaris might think that the human was the reason that his love left him. So he turned against all of humanity. Now he will be a bigger threat than the Deviants.


The Eternals


Ikaris is one of the most powerful characters in the MCU. His prowess is at par with Thor and Captain Marvel. Scarlet witch is also a good match for him. But all of them on the same side could be tough to handle. So, Marvel may be adopting the DCEU concept of heroes turned evil like the rogue superman and experiment on turning a hero into a villain.

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