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Tribe Nine Episode 8

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About Tribe Nine

Tribe Nine is set in a dystopian future (the year 20XX) in which unorganised youths create their own Tribes, which quickly turn violent and terrorise Neo-Tokyo. To quell the unrest, Neo-government Tokyo enacts the “XB Law,” which states that all future disagreements between Tribes would be resolved by games of “Extreme Baseball,” which will be overseen by artificial umpires.

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Recap of Tribe Nine Episode 9

Since Tribe Nine Episode 9 hasn’t been released we should recap Episode 8. Sonoda is beating up some guy before Saigo and Asahikawa interrupt and remind him that it is Aoyama they are after. They drive away. 


Haru is practicing baseball with Aoyama when the Ota tribe attacks him. He recalls that they had earlier come to him as beggars. They run away but Saigo follows them. They survive the Ota tribe’s attacks and head on to their diner hideout. 

Tribe Nine Episode 9

Aoyama says that the Ota tribe only pretended to be weak when they are really nasty criminals who blew up Todoroki. The Ota tribe find their hideout and attack them. Saori proposes a peaceful way of settling the conflict, by playing XB. Sonoda agrees.

Tribe Nine Episode 9


But Sonoda, the cocky guy that he is, does not even know what is XB. But the two tribed eventually start. The Ota tribe is losing terribly. Sonoda only wants to kill Aoyama and does not want to drag his friends into the fight. The only thing Sonoda wants is chaos. 

Tribe Nine Episode 9

The Ota tribe has interfered with the order jamming machine so that they are not giving out penalties. It turns out that Yasuhiro is on the side of the Ota tribe and has a bomb strapped across his body. Aoyama hits him with a large hook and it turns out that the bomb was just a toy. 

Taiga rescues Aoyama and Haru at the crucial instant. 


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Since Episode 9 is not out yet, we have no official spoilers. However, we can speculate that Taiga’s newfound strength is going to open up new narrative possibilities in the future. Also, can Aoyama really be trusted is one question we will need an answer to in the future episodes. It would also be interesting to see how Sonoda bounces back and what becomes of Yasuhiro. 

Release Date 

Tribe Nine Episode 9 will be released on March 7, 2022.

Where to Watch

If you are in Japan, you can watch the latest episodes of Tribe Nine from Tokyo MX. Another amazing website for streaming this anime is Funimation but it is not available in every country. Moreover, it is not free and requires you to buy a monthly subscription of $5.99 per month.


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