Tower of God Chapter 517 Release Date and Spoilers!

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Here’s everything you would need to know about Tower of God Chapter 517.

Tower of God Chapter 517 Release Date

 Tower of God chapter 517 will be getting released on the 15th of November 2021. Every new chapter gets released on a weekly basis and is available for viewing on Viz Media and MangaPlus. 

Tower of God Chapter 516 Recap

Bam awakens, while Khoon has discovered the truth about the conflicted history of the feuding families. Waking up, Bam was taken aback when he saw the Master there. 

They’re informed by a scary creepy woman that they’ll have to meet the Irregular who has been impatient from waiting for a long time. Bam and the rest hear someone calling them little brats in a menacing tone after Bam says that he can see someone inside. 

Tower of God Chapter 516: Maschenny Zahard
Maschenny Zahard

The identity of the unknown person is revealed to be Maschenny Zahard and the princess of Zahard, according to Tower Of God Chapter 516. Maschenny explains that she is the mastermind behind the entire scheme. 

Hearing the name Maschenny Zahard startled the duo Bam and Khoon. Rak was admonished by Maschenny, who informed him that he was weak and that they had to select who would utilise them.

Maschenny discussed the happenings that occurred inside the teleporter, which is within the area of the Lo Pa Bia family. Maschenny also mentioned the Suspendium’s massive teleporter. 

baam tower of god


She directed them to go inside instead of Ha Jinsung, and she obtained information on everything inside for her. Khoon was urged to stay silent by Maschenny since she could wipe them and leave no trace. 

But she’s not sure how they’ll get out of Suspendium once they’re inside, and they’ll figure it out once they’re there. Maschenny also commanded them to deliver that creature inside the Suspendium, but they could escape utilising their Irregular abilities.


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