Top Six Non-Marvel Movies Of Chris Evans That You Must Watch


The Chris Evans Movies List:

There are a lot of films in the entire Chris Evans Movies List. And even if Chris Evans did not play Captain America in the MCU, there are many other hits under his belt. Most of his films are adaptations of comic books to the big screen. Regardless, he has other roles that have only added to his fame.

His role as Steve Rogers in the MCU is undoubtedly his most famous ever. And now that his time as Captain America is seemingly over, he has other projects coming up. One such is Rian Johnson’s Knives Out. In regards to this, here’s a look at the top 10 Chris Evans Movies of all time.


6. Before We Go (2015), Amongst The More “Okay-Ish” Chris Evans Movies

Before We Go (2015)

This film marks the directorial debut of Evans. The film follows the journey of two strangers who are stuck in New York City for the night. The two initially start off conveniently as acquaintances. But soon, the night turns into an unexpected adventure. And they grow into each other’s most trusted confidantes. This makes them confront their worst fears and take control of their lives. There also comes a point where we see the two fall in love. But, they ultimately part ways, leaving a trail of bittersweet memories behind.

The film has a good storyline, but it tends to go awry at times. Critics suggest that there could be more interesting moments to make it better.


5. Gifted (2017), One Of The Most Emotional Chris Evans Movies:

Gifted explores the life of Frank Adler, who is a single man raising a child prodigy. His spirited young niece, Mary, lives with him in Florida. His plans for a normal school life for Mary come to a standstill when her mathematical abilities come to the attention of Frank’s mother. The formidable woman has plans for her granddaughter, which threatens to separate Frank and Mary. The movie shows how the two-run past every obstacle to eventually live a happy life.

Not as bright as the actors, the film still remains charming and engaging.

3. Sunshine (2007), The Underdog In The Chris Evans Movies List:


This is another one of the sci-fi movies under Chris Evans’ belt. The film explores the story of eight astronauts who go on a mission to the sun. They go on this mission to try and save the planet, which the dimming sun is putting at risk.

Evans plays one of the astronauts, named Mace. The film is definitely worth a watch.

2.Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (2010), A Great Movie By Chris Evans:


This film is yet another movie by Evans which has its base on a comic book. Evans plays the character of Lucas Lee. He is Ramona Flower’s second evil ex, who is one of the seven ex-boyfriends of Flower. He competes against Scott Pilgrim who tries to woo Ramona and ultimately win her heart.

The film is completely different than the usual Chris Evans movies.

1. Snowpiercer (2013), One Of The Best Works Of Evans:


This movie has, by far, the highest ratings amongst all the movies of Chris Evans other than those in the MCU. In this film, Evans plays the character of Curtis. This is a sci-fi film that follows a group of survivors after the global climate change freezes the Earth. The characters go around the planet on a train called Snowpiercer.

Evans highly impresses in his role, and the film is very unique. Furthermore, it has a lot of action, twists and turns, and even a dark sense of humor.


In conclusion, while we are used to seeing Chris Evans as Captain America, he has a lot to offer us as an actor. One of the few Hollywood stalwarts with such a wide genre of work, Evans clearly has talent. And when he is not acting in movies, he is a part of other notable jobs. These include creating funny parodies, playing a superhero or testing the waters as a director.


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