Tom Hardy Post On Instagram, Says Day One Of Venom 2 Movie


The Latest Tom Hardy Post On Instagram:

We came across the latest Tom Hardy Post on Instagram. However, the actor soon deleted it. According to the post, it seems that they have started filming for the Venom 2 Movie. Moreover, the actor gave it the title, “W3’R’V3N0M2 day one”. This suggests that it was day one of the films.

The Other Post By Tom Hardy:

It is important to note that the actor’s account posted two photos on Instagram. The first one was of a cute little dog. It had the caption “first day at work, good luck mate.” This image was then followed by another one.

In the second image, we could see him sitting on a chair with a woman behind him.

However, as quick as the images popped up on Instagram, they were deleted. We can just think of the mysterious reasons behind this. Regardless, some eagle-eyed fans did spot and take screenshots of these images. And soon, these images went viral on social media.


Fan Response To The Tom Hardy Post:

The Tom Hardy Post has fans getting excited. One of these fans took to his Twitter to post: “Just saw Tom Hardy’s post. Venom 2 is coming. Tom Hardy is f****** back.” Excited much?

Yet another fan’s post was: “Tom Hardy posted this on Instagram and then deleted it for some reason. Hyped.” Same, my friend. We feel the same.

A third fan added to the post, saying: “Looks like Venom 2 is starting filming today.


While a third added: “Looks like Venom 2 is starting filming today.” The fan follows his statement as well. He says, “Kinda weird because asides from the returning stars, I don’t recall seeing any new casting announcements. But that aside, I’m really excited for this sequel! Can’t wait to see more updates as the production goes forward.”

The Following Twist After The Tom’s Post:

Before fans could notice anything else, there was a sudden twist of events. Hardy uploaded three more photos to his Instagram. One of these is the same black and white image of him frowning into the camera. However, this time, there is no caption along with the image.

Next, there is an image that looks like a Venom-related illustration. It is complete with a flicking tongue. Lastly, there is an adorable photo of a dog, this time with his own work pass.

As of now, plot details about the Venom 2 Movie are as good as none. However, we do know that Hardy will be reprising his role as Eddie Brock.


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