Tokyo Revengers Episode 16 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

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The Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 was released on the 18th of July 2021. The new episode was a memorable one as we saw how brutal the gangs could be in getting members to prove their loyalty. 

We also got to learn more about the unidentified man with tattoos in the photograph of all the five founding men. That revelation was an epic one and made many fans anxious and excited at the same time to know more about his past with Mikey and the rest. 

Just like me, I’m sure all other fans want to know more about the next episode, Tokyo Revengers Episode 16. So, here are all the details you should know!

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Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 Recap

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 gave us an insightful lecture on the history and makeup of Toman and Valhalla. It gave us a clearer idea of why Baji Keisuke left Toman and why Toman needs Kisaki’s strength to win against Valhalla.

Takemichi (and all of us) get to learn about the history and internal organization of Toman and Valhalla from Yamagishi. He has a wealth of information and knowledge related to the gangs that operate in Tokyo. The history and head of Valhalla are shrouded in obscurity, because of which Valhalla’s moniker is called “The Headless Angel”. 

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Kazutora Hanemiya meets Takemichi in his class and asks him to follow him to the Valhalla HQ, which he does as an opportunity to bring back Baji. He’s shocked to see all the Valhalla members watching Baji Keisuke guiltlessly beat up his former No. 2 as if it was a performance. This is a test devised by Valhalla’s top-ranked members to test Baji’s loyalty.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15: Kazutora Hanemiya
Kazutora Hanemiya

Takemichi is told that he was brought to confirm what exactly took place between Baji and Mikey because they still have suspicions over Baji being a spy for Toman. Takemichi confirms Baji’s statement of betrayal to join Valhalla, after which Baji Keisuke is accepted as a comrade.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15: Baji Beating Up His Vice-Captain
Baji Beating Up His Vice-Captain

The episode ends with a shocking conclusion. When Takemichi bursts out asking Baji how he can just betray Mikey when they founded Toman together, he replies curtly that Kazutora was also a founding member of Toman. 

Tokyo Revengers Episode 16 Preview and Spoilers

The next episode could show us the exact history of the six founding members and what exactly happened among them. Some of the pieces of the puzzle came together but some questions still remain unanswered. What made Kazutora leave his trusted friends? 

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15
Young Baji and Hanemiya

Is that departure related to Baji’s decision to leave Toman? Furthermore, how is this turn of events going to affect Hinata’s life? Will Takemichi be able to save her this time?


Tokyo Revengers Episode 16 Release Date

The next episode will air on the 25th of July 2021. Just five days left!

Where To Watch Tokyo Revengers

Though Tokyo Revengers is available on Netflix Japan, outside of Japan, fans have to catch the anime’s latest episodes on Crunchyroll and VRV. Muse Asia and Bilibili are good options for fans in South and South East Asia.

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