Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 Release Date, Plot, and Other Details

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The new chapter of Tokyo Revengers ie. Chapter 215 was released on the 20th of July 2021. Since then, many fans have been left utterly speechless at the recent developments in the plot. Now, we’ll have to wait a few more days to read the upcoming chapter, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216. 

Let’s take a close look at what happened in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 to get some idea of what might happen in the next chapter. Furthermore, we’ll give you the release date of the upcoming chapter. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Recap

The chapter starts with Takemichi discovering that Draken has joined the Brahman as a gang member. This discovery of Draken’s defection doesn’t sit well with Takemichi as he struggles to understand why one of Toman’s co-founders could betray Toman. 

Furthermore, the Brahman Gang has a notorious reputation for being a Yakuza gang with the most unruly members. It’s leagues apart from rival gangs like Valhalla and Moebius. With this recent development, it seems unlikely that the Tokyo Manji Gang will ever regroup. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215
Draken and Takemichi talking about Toman

With the Tokyo Manji Gang breaking apart, many gangs have emerged to fill the gaping void. With the manga being in its final arc, fans should expect to see the most unexpected and bizarre plot twists of a manga like Tokyo Revengers.

The major plot twist in Chapter 215 was when Takemichi joined the Brahman Gang, following Draken. Though Draken initially opposed Takemichi’s decision to join Brahman, he relented when he saw that his junior was committed. It seems probable that Takemichi shares the same goal with Brahman, though we aren’t sure what that goal is. It’s still very vague. 

We still aren’t very aware of how strong the Kantou Manji Gang is and there’s not been a lot of info about them. But since it’s under Mikey and it does possess significant strength, we can surmise that it’ll be a force to reckon with. Since Takemichi and Draken have kept their membership in Brahman a secret, we don’t know how Mikey will react to it.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215
Takemichi meets Senju, a Brahman leader

If he does find out, there might be some unpleasant consequences. This reaction of Mikey might be given more screen time in the next chapter. Will Draken be able to save Mikey and regroup Toman again? 


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 Release Date

The upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers will be released either on the 27th or 28th of July 2021. There’s always a strong likelihood that it will premiere soon! So, let’s keep a close eye on this development.

But the raw scans of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 will be available about three to four days before the official adaptations are released. If we’re very lucky, we could even get them by the 25th of July.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 Expectations and Spoilers

There are no spoilers yet. But we can expect the feud and tensions brewing between the Kantou Manji Gang and Brahman. In this backdrop, we can see Mikey’s response to his former comrades Draken and Takemichi joining the Brahman Gang. Will there be no hope left for Toman to ever regroup? 

What’s Draken plotting in his brain and what are his real motives? Is his plan in line with that of Takemichi’s? Only time and new chapters will tell.


Where To Read Tokyo Revengers Manga

You can read the manga on the Kodansha website or the Mangamo app. Even Amazon Kindle has about 20 volumes of Tokyo Revengers, though it’s not updated regularly.


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