This John Wick Villain Thinks He Might Return In John Wick 4


John Wick Villain Who Might Return In John Wick 4:

No John Wick Villain lasts more than one movie. This is because John Wick quickly dispatches them. In saying so, John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum in no exception. Ernest, the Shinobi and every other assassin in the film perished. However, there is one actor who thinks differently. According to him, there is a way he might have survived his battle with John Wick.

And this is none other than Mark Dacascos. The actor plays another John Wick Villain, called Zero, who is the sensei of the Shinobi. In the third chapter of John Wick, the titular hero wins. And it is because of this that we might soon get information about the John Wick 4 Release Date.


You Might Want To Rethink The Hero Killing The Villain, Zero:

The battle in chapter 3 is a magnificent, yet drawn-out one. In the battle, John Wick stabs Zero with a sword. Subsequently, we see Zero telling Wick that he’ll see him again. However, Wick says that he won’t. In saying so, there is no surety whether Zero actually died from his wounds.


According to Dacascos, “If you look at what we got from Zero’s character and backstory, he’s a ninja. He probably has access to homeopathic chi energy doctors and maybe possibly when he falls over, maybe he’s slowing his pulse down. The muscles have gripped around the sword and so he’s stopped the bleeding. And maybe in the next scene, we see him in a hospital. I don’t know but I think 100% there’s a possibility that Zero survived that. I would love that of course but we’ll see.”


The John Wick Villain Will Return If The Creators Want Him To:

In a recent interview, the actor said that he knows he is a guest in Keanu Reeves’ world. Furthermore, he also said that he is grateful for it. And this is why he is eager to come up with any explanations for Zero’s possible survival. However, he knows that the ultimate decision of Zero surviving or not lies with the creators.


The Villain Does Not Necessarily Need John Wick 4 To Return:

The franchise isn’t limited to just movies now. A TV series called The Continental is being developed by Starz now. The series also deals with assassins in hotels. Therefore, if the John Wick Villain Zero never faces Baba Yaga again, he could still create trouble for the assassins of The Continental.


Dacascos Still Looks Like His Character Zero:

As of now, Mark Dacascos still keeps his head shaved. This is much like he was as Zero in The Driver. Regardless, his next movie might show him with a full head of hair. One of the reasons for him keeping his head shaved is the fact that the producers of the projects he did after John Wick liked that look of his.

As of now, you can Dacascos in The Driver, which is in theatres now. He is also working on a lot more projects right now, as well as in the future.

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