The Witcher Season 2 To Bring Horrifying Characters To Life!


The Witcher may have a prince, queen, princess, magic, and monsters but never ever take it to be some fairytale show.

Dark Psychotic Show

The show is as dark as it could get. Well, it’s not just the show; even the games have some disturbing characters and storylines.


All these things factor into what makes the show exciting so, we will definitely be seeing a lot darker psychotic stuff in the coming season.

The Witcher show didn’t shy away from bringing those horrors on screen, and it looks like we are in for a scary ride with the reports that the second season will finally introduce The Crones.

Who Are The Crones?


The name sounds decent, but they are nothing short of a nightmare. They are also known as the Ladies of The Wood.

These three witch sisters, Whispess, Brewess, and Weavess, look scary and are equally horrifyingly powerful.

They are known to wreak havoc and dine on human flesh, particularly that of babies. These three sisters are often seen wearing a mask.

Disturbing Nature


One wears a basket-like mask that covers her entire face, and another wears a stitched cloth-like thing covering her face. The third one goes around without a mask, and believe it when I say all three looks equally terrifying with or without the mask.

They are your stereotypical witches from every fairytale with swollen eyes and disfigured face, but these wreak absolute havoc, and there is no fairy coming to save the people from them.


The Witcher 3 introduced these characters to the games, and the way the show has been bringing everything unfiltered, we might get these characters also equally horrifying on the show.

These three sisters also showcase one witch hunt era execution symbol on their necks. One carries a noose around her neck, another has a lock for drowning, and the next uses her mask to hide her burns.

These characters may or may not be introduced in the second season. We already have a lot of plots from fans, and none as of now has the Crones involved, but we have no idea about how things will pan out so, let’s wait and watch.


The second season is estimated to be released by the end of 2021, and the mysteries around the plot and storyline are getting thicker and thicker.

If we are lucky, we may have the appetite to look at The Crones and not run away.


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