The Witcher Season 2: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Rience


The Witcher show fans don’t know many things that the book fans know, and one of them is a character that will be introduced in the second season, Rience.

The Second Season

The second season of the Witcher is supposedly said to release within 2021. We have no other update on that front, but we have an idea that we will get it soon.

The shooting of the second season is about to end, and a recent announcement from Netflix has confirmed many main characters fans predicted will be appearing.


One of the main characters will Rience, the one who will be involved in a big fight with Geralt in the massive set built for Oxenfurt.

Who Is This Rience?


Many thought that since his fight is mainly said to be with Geralt, he is after him. But no, Rience is a powerful mage who is sent by another main villain of The Witcher, Vilgefortz.

Rience is after Geralt now because he is the one standing in his way to capture Ciri. So, the Nilfgaardians are not the only ones after Ciri?

Yeah, you are right. Vilgefortz has asked Rience to track down Ciri and bring her to him, and Rience has been on this job ever since Cintra fell.

Has Been Close to finding Ciri?



Well, thanks to our ever-singing bard, he may have captured Ciri. Rience finds out that Ciri is under the Witcher’s care when he hears Jaskier sing.


Jaskier comes up with a song about the lion cub of Cintra under the Witchers care, which kinda negates the whole ‘she is trying to run away’ notion.

Anyway, Rience kidnaps the bard and is torturing him for information, and before he could tell anything, Yennefer jumps in and give Rience a scar that he will never forget in his lifetime.

Cintran History

Rience was sent out of the academy after two years when he got caught for petty theft. He was then recruited by Kaedwen secret service and was trained to become an assassin.

Queen Calanthe then imprisoned him for not paying his debts. But he later found out that someone had paid it for him and was released.

He goes MIA for a while and surfaces with a lot of cash, and is hella powerful.

Oxenfurt Fight


Let’s no spoil it completely for you. Both Geralt and Rience think they are setting a trap for each other and do some stupid things there.

Geralt succeeds in outwitting Rience but wasn’t enough time to capture him as Philippa Eilhart does something that Geralt won’t forgive her for.


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