The Difference Between Anti-Venom And Venom Explained


Venom is the name taken by Eddie Brock when he bonds to the alien symbiote once worn by Spiderman.

Spiderman found the “black suit” during the Secret Wars storyline and wore it for several ASM titles. When he found out the suit was actually a living creature that wanted to permanently bond itself to Parker, Peter rejected it and the creature slithered away, confused and hurt.

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Meanwhile, Eddie Brock (a journalist that worked at the Daily Bugle) was in a slump because he had lost his job after a story he had written was exposed as a lie by Spiderman. Subsequently, his wife ended up divorcing him. Brock blamed Spiderman for all his problems.



The alien symbiote somehow found Brock, shared with him Spiderman’s secret identity, and the two of them bonded over their mutual hatred. Thus, Venom was born.

Venom has super strength, wall-crawling abilities, organic webbing, regeneration, active camouflage/invisibility/shape-changing, and can also fool Spiderman’s spidey-sense.

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*Fast forward a bunch.*

Brock, trying to turn a new leaf, separates from the symbiote, who was actually altering Brock’s mind the entire time they were together, causing him to be the psychotic person he was. Without the suit, Brock discovers he has late-stage cancer, which the symbiote was actually keeping at bay with its regenerative capabilities.


While volunteering at a soup kitchen run by Martin Li (the “good” half of Mr. Negative), Li uses his healing powers to cure Brock’s cancer. However, as a side effect of the healing, Eddie’s white blood cells merge with the remnant symbiote DNA in his blood, mutating into a new type of symbiote. Enter Anti-Venom.

Anti-Venom has all of Venom’s powers plus the unique ability to dissolve and kill the other symbiotes on physical contact. It can also cure diseases and inflictions in people, as well.


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