Thanos Snaps Back: Josh Brolin’s Instagram Post In Defence Of Joker Movie


The Latest Josh Brolin Instagram Post

It seems like the internet has been successful in getting Thanos’ attention. Actor Josh Brolin, famous for his role of the infamous Marvel villain, Thanos, is responding to the various Joker Review. The actor has taken to his Instagram to address the controversies that surround DC’s latest film. He is also one of the many celebrities to speak out publicly in defense of the Todd Phillips film. In the most recent Josh Brolin Instagram post, the actor gives off a cryptic message. He is speaking in defense of the twisted take on the origins of the legendary Batman villain. The film has become a part of numerous controversies ever since a few weeks leading up to its release. This also includes the scrutiny over the violence depicted in Joker.

However, the film did receive a lot of positive critical acclaim in the Venice and Toronto film festivals. Regardless, both Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix were found to repeatedly address the overall message of the film in various interviews as well as public appearances.

Joker Review And Controversies:

The film hit theaters this week, and already has a ton of support from the industry. One such supporter is Josh Brolin himself. Brolin’s posted a fiery response to the critics of the film a day after its theatrical release. The Josh Brolin Instagram post reads in different parts.

Brolin starts by saying the following sentence.


“To appreciate ‘Joker’ I believe you have to have either gone through something traumatic in your lifetime (and I believe most of us have). Or understand somewhere in your psyche what true compassion is (which usually comes from having gone through something traumatic, unfortunately).”

The Josh Brolin Instagram Post Conveys Something Very Real:

Brolin has not shied away from praising the movie for shining a light on today’s problems. Instead, he commends the film for not hiding these problems under a rug. The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix, who is the one taking on this iconic role and does it wonderfully. The film also paints a raw, but necessary view of mental illnesses and their results.

He then says that, “An example of dangerous compassion would be to, say, make a film made about the fragility of the human psyche. And make it so raw, so brutal, so balletic that by the time you leave the theatre you not only don’t want to hurt anything. But you desperately want an answer and a solution to the violence and mental health issues that have spun out of control around us.”


The post follows with Brolin diving into what he believes the film’s intentions are. He writes:

“This film makes you hurt and only in pain do we ever want to change. It’s all in the irony of trauma. A fine line between the resentment of wanting to hurt society back for raping you of a decent life, for not protecting you. And accepting what feels like alien feelings with softening to those others who seem freakish in our era of judgment. And digital damnation.”

He then follows, “Like kids in Middle School,’’ he explains. “Man, they can just be mean. For no reason. And, sometimes, those awful little clicky kids breed an evil in someone that rages much later. When everyone pretends we are all back to normal, when we all thought it had just manned up and gone away.”

The Other Supporters, Along With Josh Brolin Instagram Post:

Brolin is not the only actor who has come out to defend Joker. He is also in defence of Phoenix’s portrayal of Arthur Fleck. In the film, Fleck is a would-be comedian who the society continuously rejects. He then creates the Joker persona as a way to take his revenge.


The film also got support from Mark Hamill. Hamill, who voices the Clown Prince of Crime in the animated series, also endorsed the film. He took to his Twitter profile to do so. In the post, he writes, “The #JokerMovie opens today. The awesome Joaquin Phoenix, Todd Phillips & Scott Silver brilliantly reimagine the character as never seen before! 2 thumbs up from that old-school, comic book version… me.”

Additionally, Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine) also offers his own passionate defence of the film. In his Instagram post, much like that of Josh Brolin Instagram post, he calls the issues of the movie “profound.” He also encourages everyone to see the film and reflect on what it says about modern society.

Regardless of the controversies, the film has been doing good around the world. It raked in $93.5 million domestically in the opening weekend itself. Perhaps, what we read in the Josh Brolin Instagram post is right after all. “We have a habit of hating and ostracizing and dividing and sweeping our problems under the rug. Joker, is simply lifting the rug and looking underneath it. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s there.”


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