New Endgame Plot Hole Points Out a Better Way to Beat Thanos


A Better Way To Beat Thanos In Avengers: Endgame

We saw how half of all life in the universe was snapped by Thanos In Avengers: Endgame. And eight months after the film’s release, we may think that the film has been scrutinized to the max. however, new pieces of concept art from Endgame are still coming to surface. Furthermore, fans are also still finding inconsistencies in the sequel.

Recently, two major plot holes came to surface as well. And with their revelation, we know they deal specifically with Captain America lifting Thor’s hammer. Furthermore, there are also implications of the victims of the Snap returning home after five years.

The Final Battle of Avengers Vs Thanos:

In the final battle of the movie, we see the Avengers trying to protect the Infinity Gauntlet and the stone from Thanos. And while doing so, they attempt to send them all back to their proper time period using the Quantum Tunnel in the back of Ant-Man’s van. However, they are not successful in doing so. This is because it is destroyed, which leaves them without a means to enter the Quantum Realm. Subsequently, they have no way to get rid of the Infinity Stones.


However, the recent plot hole suggests that there was a very easy alternative to not using the Quantum Realm. And that alternative is the use of Sling Rings. Doctor Strange has used them along with all of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. Furthermore, they use them to transport great distances and tap into the multiverse as well.

The Use Of Sling Ring To Defeat Thanos In Endgame

We have seen Strange use his Sling Ring in Infinity War. He uses it to dispatch one of the children of Thanos In Endgame. Subsequently, he sends the giant Cull Obsidian to the Antarctic. In saying so, it is obvious that Strange knows that this tactic could work, but would more likely delay the inevitable.


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