Team Iron Man Didn’t Survive MCU Phase 3 (But Team Cap Sort Of Did)


Iron Man Team vs. Captain America Team:

As we saw in the Civil War, the Iron Man Team does not exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While half of the team is dead, others have gone to other sides. Many others are also not a part of the universe any longer. So, this means that Team Captain America really did win in the end.

Captain America: Civil War was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. Furthermore, the concepts for the movie have their basis on the story of the comic book Civil War. The screenwriters have taken references from the story and then created the MCU adaptation. They have also divided the superheroes into two teams, namely the Iron Man Team, and Team Cap.

The Fate Of The Iron Man Team In MCU Phase 3:

The Avengers went on their own different ways in the two teams in Civil War. This is because of a disagreement over the international insight of the team. The registration of the superheroes with the Sokovia Accords was also an issue. Things got worse when everyone blamed the Winter Soldier for the attack on the U.N. It is also important to note that he was also responsible for the death of Tony Stark’s parents.


Still, all of the superheroes set aside their differences in Avengers: Endgame. All of them joined forces to defeat Thanos and his army. But, according to sources, in the post-Endgame world, it seems that Iron Man Team did not survive MCU’s Phase 3.

The Iron Man Team:

The Iron Man Team consists of Iron Man, Black Widow, War Machine, Vision, Spider-Man, and Black Panther. On the other hand, Cap’s Team has Captain America, Falcon, Scarlet Witch and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier. They are also joined by Ant-Man and Hawkeye.



We know that Vision dies in Infinity War, while Black Widow sacrifices herself in Endgame to get the Soul Stone. Iron Man also dies in Endgame to eventually save the world from Thanos’ snap. Also, Black Panther has already switched sides towards the end of Civil war. This is in addition to the fact that Spider-Man no longer remains a part of the MCU. This makes War Machine the only surviving member of the Iron Man Team. Therefore, in simple terms, the Iron Man Squad is officially over in the MCU.

Team Captain America:

Where Cap’s Team is concerned, it did somehow survive Phase 3. It moves to the new phase with a lesser number of members than it originally had. Cap goes back in time to live his life. Also, Falcon and Winter Soldier are coming in an upcoming series on Disney Plus, meaning they are going strong. Wakanda survives the Endgame battle and goes on a different way with Vision. Hawkeye, on the other hand, spends Infinity War under house arrest. He then joins the Avengers in their time heist. This way, Captain America’s team somehow manages to survive MCU’s Phase 3.


The Infinity Saga ends with Team Iron Man in Phase 3 of MCU. But their many sacrifices will be the inspiration for the upcoming era.


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