[SPOILER] Captain Marvel Boosts Marvel’s New Comic ‘Empyre’ By Her Presence


[Spoiler Alert] Captain Marvel in comic Empyre.News has broken out that the new comic ‘Empyre’ will feature Captain Marvel. Given that most received their powers from Kree technology, people wearing Captain Marvel’s coat tend to play a significant role in the extraterrestrial empire’s existing quarrel with the Skrulls. Read this article for the role of Captain Marvel in comic Empyre.

Captain Marvel EMPYRE
Captain marvel
cover by Jorge Molina


Written by Kelly Thompson, Artwork by Cory Smith:

During the war, Carol has a brave new role – and an entirely new weapon – in fact, a universal weapon. When soldier Kree bombs a unified city of the Empire, Emperor Hulkling sends his new Accuser to overthrow the necessary hammer of justice. But what at first appears to be a relatively simple directive will end with a challenge for Carol. And, that at a personal level, she never imagined.

Ronan, the Accuser, is a character that has earned the Supreme Accuser title for years — serving as a high-ranking military executor in the Kree Empire in comics, animations, and movies. Because Ronan was killed during the recent miniseries Death of the Inhumans, Kree needs a new character to take the position. And Carol’s shocking decision to unite with Kree seems to fill the void.


“Empyre” hits the comic stores from May 2020.

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