Why Star-Lord Looked Stronger Than Spider-Man In Avengers: Infinity War


Spider-Man Vs Star Lord In Avengers: Infinity War:

Spider-Man Vs Star Lord

Between Spider-Man Vs Star Lord, the recently released Infinity War depicted the latter in a way that made him look stronger than Spider-Man. However, that may not be the case. In 2018, the Marvel Cinematic Universe came together for the beginning of Infinity Saga’s final ending.

The Joe and Anthony Russo-directed Infinity War brought together every fragment of the franchise. They did so in the hopes that Thanos’ evil plan to wipe out half of all life in the universe could backfire. And to do so, they brought to the forefront heroes like the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with other Earthly characters.


What Happened In Avengers: Infinity War?

The film had a massive cast of characters. Therefore, the filmmakers had to be crafty in order to give each of these characters a chance to gain spotlight. And therefore, the makers divided the heroes into smaller teams.


One of these was the New York-based group, consisting of Tony Stark/Iron Man, Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange. Furthermore, they also had Spider-Man Vs Star Lord, along with other Guardians of the Galaxy members. These members were Drax and Mantis. Upon their meeting, things didn’t go smoothly. This is because when they first got together, everyone got into a little scuffle ending with Parker locked on Quill’s arms, ready to be blasted on the head.

Why Did Star-Lord Look Stronger In The Spider-Man Vs Star Lord Tussle?

Eventually, both the teams settled down after releasing that they are all on the same team and have one common goal. However, it did raise the idea that Star Lord is stronger than Spider-Man. This is especially considering how he was able to lock Spidey down despite the latter’s agility.

As of now, Marvel Studios has yet to address this confusion. But, since it has been a while since the movie hit theatres, there are chances that it is not their top priority. Regardless, there is a way one can clarify the entire confusion, especially when you think about how the entire sequence played out.



Our Reasons For Star Lord Looking Stronger In The Spider-Man Vs Star Lord Tussle:

One of the main reasons for Quill supposedly being stronger than Parker is that he’s a half-Celestial. He is also the son of Ego the Living Planet. This further explains why he is able to hold the Power Stone with bare hands for as long as he did. In saying so, it is important to note that he did lose his superpowers when he killed his father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Subsequently, he became a normal human being who is now a skilled pilot and a great fighter.

Due to this, Quill’s ability to trap Spidey may not entirely be about his own skills set. Rather, it could be a combination of a few different things. The Star Lord was operating on adrenaline since he was intent on finding Gamora after the Mad Titan took her with him to Knowhere.

Therefore, when he and the remaining members of Guardians of the Galaxy arrived at Titan, they were ready for a battle. Spider-Man and the rest of his team had only crash landed on the alien planet, unaware of what to expect. So, when they were ambushed, and Peter was genuinely shaken up by Mantis, the Guardians of the Galaxy immediately had them at a disadvantage.

The other elements that could have been at work during this Spider-Man Vs Star Lord confrontation includes the fact that Spidey had a new suit. We already know that it took Spider-Man a long time to get used to his first Stark armor in Spider-Man: Homecoming. So, there is a possibility that he was still getting used to this suit in the film. Also, it is likely that his Spider-sense didn’t really kick in when Quill got his hands on him, the same way that it didn’t for Nick Fury in Far From Home.



Final Thoughts:

We do not know what the real reason was. Regardless, it is a good thing that they could clear up their misunderstanding before either camp suffered any casualties before meeting Thanos. Moreover, many of the MCU founding heroes are now no longer around. So, the safety of the universe now lies in the hands of newer characters such as Star-Lord and Spider-Man.

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