Spider Man: Far From Home: Tom Holland pens a heartwarming message for fans


Whenever we watch a superhero movie or series, we do not just fall in love with the character, we fall in love with the actor who plays the character too.

We start identifying the character with the actor and vice versa. When this happens in movies, it’s usually a good thing.

But not so much when it comes to changing the actors. When the actors change, it leaves all its fans with a question mark if the next actor who plays the part will be just enough good or not and there also comes the question of “who played the superhero better?”.

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The Spiderman series, has gone through many such changes, but the above-mentioned problem was not so with it, especially with the casting of Tom Holland as Spiderman back in 2017 in Spiderman: Homecoming and especially not so in the new Spiderman: far from home.


Spiderman: Far From Home, A Blockbuster

Spiderman has always been one of the most epic superheroes of all times.

The new Spiderman movie, Spiderman: far from home, starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker as well as Zendaya, Samuel L Jackson and many others. It is the sequel of Spiderman: Homecoming.

The reason there is so much hype around this movie is that it is the first superhero movie after the heartbreaking Avengers: Endgame. It came into theaters on the 26th of June in Hollywood and 2nd July in the United States of America and it has proved as unstoppable ever since.


It has already collected $847.1 million in just a few weeks. This movie even broke some records in the United States’ box office collection in its first Tuesday and Wednesday. In India, the movie collected approximately Rs. 73.01 crore. The immense collection at the box office shows a great deal of its success all across the globe.

Tom Holland Expresses His Heartiest Gratitude

Seeing the huge success of the movie, the leading actor, who is both shy and a heartthrob since his early Spiderman days, is overwhelmed to the point that he took to social media to express his gratitude and warm regards towards his fans, and all the Spiderman fans.


On 15th July, witnessing the love and support of the fans showering it all on Spiderman: far from home, Tom Holland, took to Instagram and posted a short video that had scenes from the press tour that was done for the movie.

In the caption, he wrote, “As a thank you to the fans for all your love and support. Here is the press tour bits video.” In the video, he is seen doing various things in between shots but mostly enjoying himself and loving what he does.

This, not only shows the love and passion he has for his work but also how these sweet gestures of gratitude make the fans feel worthy and loved.


People like Tom Holland cannot only win hearts with his talent and looks but also make people fall in love head over heels with the smallest yet sweetest gestures as such.

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