Venom Director Says Spider-Man and Venom Will Meet Each Other Soon


The Spider-Man Crossover:

The first Venom movie did not have any Spider-Man influences in it. It also did not feature the MCU as well. In the first Venom movie, Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock. This is a character in an isolated universe that Sony Pictures efficiently creates. And as fans, we are all hoping for a Spider-Man Crossover.

Sony subtly uses a Marvel character but does not refer to the events of the Avengers movies. It also does not have reference to Infinity War. But Sony and Disney have come to an agreement to feature Tom Holland as Spider-Man in MCU’s future movies. However, their main goal is a Spider-Man Crossover. Both productions want Holland’s Peter Parker to come face to face with Hardy’s Venom.

Fleischer’s Comments About Spider-Man Crossover

Ruben Fleischer Director of Movie Venom

Ruben Fleischer, the director of Venom, is currently promoting Zombieland: Double Tap, which will release soon. In an interview, he made comments regarding the fact whether there will be a Spider-Man Crossover happening. Questions if Tom Holland’s Spidey will ever come face to face with Venom also arise in this case.

As of now, we know that Andy Serkis will direct the Venom sequel. However, Fleischer admits that he expects the two actors on the screen together as their respective Marvel characters. And he expects this to happen soon.


Possibilities Of A Crossover Like This:

Whether such a crossover will happen in the MCU is still unknown. Regardless, there is one thing that seems more likely. It is that the Madame Webb film could have Holland’s version of the character. And if that happens, it will work in a Spider-Verse that will operate separately.

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