Simpsons Takes On Spoiler Culture In Upcoming Episode Featuring Feige & Russos


Russo Brothers New Movie Role As Guest Star Voices:

The Russo Brothers New Movie role is that of voiceover artists. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo will be lending their voices in an upcoming episode of Simpsons. They are famous for directing Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Additionally, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios will rake on the issue of spoiler culture.

The Simpsons is an iconic animated show. It has also been a mirror of popular culture, even becoming alarmingly prescient at times. Moreover, there is no currently culture more popular than superhero movies. This also increases due to the obsessive secrecy around them.

The Spoiler Culture In Movies, Especially In Russo Brothers Movies:

Spoilers for new movies have always been there as more of a problem. We also see them a lot in the Russo Brothers Movies. Additionally, each of the Russo Brothers New Movie also has many spoilers.


And it is because of this that there are debates which often rises. These debates are over how long the statute of limitations on spoiler revelation should be.

The Issues With Spoilers In The MCU:

The issue of spoilers has become even prevalent in recent years. This is mostly due to the spiraling popularity of the ever-expanding MCU. The rise is also due to the necessity of balancing people’s desires.

Audiences go into the Russo Brothers New Movie, ignorant of its twists and turns. However, there is also the desire of other people to talk about it after watching the film. Regardless, they still need to be careful to not spoil it for others.

The New Simpsons Episode:

According to reports, the new episode will have the title “Bart The Bad Guy”.


It will air on February 23, 2020. Additionally, the plot of the episode involves a popular superhero movie franchise. This franchise is Vindicators. However, Bart is mistaken for a terminally ill child. Therefore, he is able to see the latest installment before its general release.

How Bart Uses The Knowledge To His Power:

As a result, he is able to weaponize his knowledge of the events that happen in the installment. Moreover, he also threatens people with spoilers to get anything he wants. The Russo Brothers New Movie role here is that of a pair of studio executives.

They are determined to stop the spoilers for the movie getting out. Additionally, Feige voices the antagonist of the Vindicators movie. He is a supervillain who has an apparent inspiration named Chinos.


Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the episode goes. We are eager to see our favorite director-duo giving their voices in it.