SDCC: Sam Already Tried on His Captain America Suit

We are still waiting in anticipation for the great Marvel Studios reveal at San Diego Comic-Con.


There is a lot of build-up to the panel with signings going on and even some small interviews throughout the convention in SDCC.

After a short Interview with Anthony Mackie by MTV News, he dropped a massive bombshell. He has already tried out his future Captain America suit in a secret fitting at his house.


Also, this interview just confirmed that Stan aka Sam and Mackie aka Bucky have such great chemistry which will hopefully also be highlighted in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series.

If he already tried on this costume, he may appear in his costume during the panel today and if the Disney+ show may be renamed or will it have adjustments to the costume.


Will you be excited to see Anthony Mackie aka Sam as the next Captain America? Do you think he might get his own film alongside Thor 4 which was revealed day before yesterday?

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