Scarlet Witch & Vision May Have Twins In WandaVision


Scarlet Witch And Vision And WandaVision:

Recent reports suggest that we might see the child of Scarlet Witch And Vision in WandaVision. Moreover, the same reports suggest that the show might feature their twin boys. Furthermore, these baby boys will be conceived with the help of Doctor Strange.

WandaVision will be expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe by premiering on Disney Plus. The show about Scarlet Witch And Vision was confirmed at the 2019 SDCC by Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios. Furthermore, the show will star Kat Dennings, Teyonah Parris as well as Randall Park and Katherine Kahn. All of these actors will have important roles in the series. Additionally, Jack Schaeffer will act as showrunner.

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Details About WandaVision:

As of now, makers are keeping the plot details of the show under wraps. Additionally, Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the Scarlet Witch, is not even allowed to announce the production dates. However, we do know that the show’s events will take place after Endgame. Moreover, it will directly link to the Multiverse Of Madness, the Doctor Strange film.

The show will take the approach of a sitcom, which will then progress to the familiar format of MCU.


Scarlett Witch And Vision And Their Children:

Disney Plus is now streaming Marvel’s Expanding the Universe. And subsequently, we have our hands on a pivotal plot detail from the show. During supervising producer Mary Livanos’ commentary, we can see a lot of pieces of comic books headlined by the heroes in the background. One such piece includes a page from The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #4 (1986).

In the image, Doctor Strange is holding an infant. Owing to this, fans are taking this as a major indication. They are of the opinion that the twins of Scarlet Witch And Vision from the print will eventually make their MCU debut through the show.

Regardless, this does not confirm any particular subplot for the show. However, there are quite some things we know about the show until now. And if we take that into consideration, it is not difficult to imagine such a course. Moreover, Marvel Studios might try to adopt some sort of this story version on the small screen. And if they do that, we won’t be that surprised.


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