Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy Trailer 2 Released


If you have to agree with one thing, something that the entire world of movie buffs will agree to is, Deadpool plays the role of Ryan Reynolds flawlessly.

Good Luck Charm

Free Guy’s second trailer is out, and it looks like a lot of fun. Don’t know if it was Blake Lively or if it is Ryan’s agent after he chose Deadpool, because every movie after that has been a hit for the actor. Maybe it’s his beautiful kids bringing him good luck charm. Also might be the hard work and talent of our Canadian star.

Fantasy World

Like it was already shown in the first trailer, Ryan Reynolds is the Blue Shirt guy in a video game. The movie revolves around the blue shirt guy, Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) and his best friend, a cop. With what we can collect it looks like Ryan is a lonely guy in the real world and is starting to like the fantasy world better and decides to save it as it has just two days from being destroyed by its creator.




As much as the Marvel fans wanted to see Deadpool in one of the Avenger’s movie, we have a little close to that scenario here. Taika Waititi, the brains behind Ragnarok plays the villain in this movie.


The trailer shows glimpses of Jodie Corner and Ryan in the actual world sitting and playing the game. Still, the majority of the scenes are from the fantasy world, which is shown as live-action ones to us on screen and as animation to the game players and the creator.

Good Guy

The blue shirt guy suddenly decides to go nice and prevent bad things from happening in the fantasy world. Also, he somehow figures out the kissing button in the game and sweeps Molotov Girl off her feet.


Looks like Ryan Reynolds was built for playing unconventional superheroes. Who would’ve believed that after seeing Green Lantern? Oh and yeah, I said built, because I am pretty sure there is no one this perfect that has a human origin. He and Chris Hemsworth make us believe in Heaven and Angels.


Anyhooo, the movie is set to release on December 11. And please, for Christ’s sake, stay safe and lets put an end to the pandemic so that we get to see the movie on schedule!

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