Retro Queen Sunmi’s “You Can’t Sit With Us” Gives a Nod to 80s Synth-pop in Zombie, Action-Packed Video

Sunmi's You Can't Sit With Us

One of the hottest kpop soloists in the industry right now, Sunmi is back to wow us with another highly anticipated comeback. A much more fun and lighthearted release than the fierce single ‘Tail’ she put out back in February of this year, ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ has so much up its sleeve.

From the homage to 80s musicality to the many film references including Mean Girls and From Dusk Till Dawn, and the gorgeous and tastefully done retro fusion of the 90s and the Y2K visuals of the early 2000s, what’s not to love?


Are you an avid Sunmi fan just as excited and obsessively hitting the replay button of her new MV? Or have you recently been introduced to her through this latest comeback? Regardless, sit back, and let’s gush over this together. There’s so much to unpack!


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What is the Music Video of ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ Like? 

The strength of Sunmi’s works has a lot to do with her intricately built music videos. The utter theatricality and a heavily curated set that seems like a world of its own now undoubtedly feels like Sunmi’s signature style. She has definitely carved out her own unique space in kpop and this latest comeback is yet another great example.

Sunmi You Can't Sit With Us
Sunmi in her pink, pastel world

The video opens with Sunmi lounging in a lavishly decorated bedroom as she ignores the many phone calls from a persistent lover who she’s seemingly irritated with. The note of horror creeps in when his head gets smashed with a flower pot that she angrily throws at him after he appears at her window with a placard that reads ‘Forgive me’.

Next, the scene changes to a retro-themed DVD rental store, where she browses through shelves with her friends. They get a nasty shock in the form of a throng of zombies which also includes her lover. The highlight of the video is the beautifully shot sequence where Sunmi and her friends break out in a full on gunfight with the zombies.



This seems like top-tier cinema quality and after all, how could it not be since Sunmi revealed that she received training from the stunt director behind the massively popular South Korean Netflix series ‘Kingdom’ and the hit movie ‘Train to Busan’.

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It’s so absolutely silly and fun too because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and Sunmi herself wanted a cheerful tone to this comeback. She said, “I wanted my music to give comfort, fun, and lightness to those who are feeling heavy and weighed down right now.”


Further Details About Sunmi’s New Music 

Sunmi released this music video for her title track along with the new mini album ‘1/ 6’ on August 6 at 6 p.m. KST.


Not only the video, but the sound itself of ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ plays on nostalgia and features a fast, upbeat and catchy chorus that’s irresistibly fun to sing along to. Sunmi also pushes herself and musically steps out of her comfort zone in this comeback with her rap verse.

Sunmi is the one behind the lyrics and the track is composed by Melanie Fontana, Michel Schulz and Ross Golan.


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