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10 Most powerful kingdoms in The witcher world

10 Most Powerful Kingdoms in The Witcher World

The Witcher series might have been released one year back, but the hype has now been made double-fold. While very few new series are...

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s final volume to have bonus content, 120 million copies...

Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga has been wildly popular, and the entire franchise—the manga, the anime adaptation, and its movies, have...

Boruto the Next Generation Anime: Orochimaru Turns Protagonist

If you have been a fan of the series from the start, then you will be in absolute shock right now reading this headline. Rouge...

Plot of Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness

The thing with Marvel movies is that fans make more plot stories and theories than the writers of the franchise. That sometimes makes the...

WandaVision Explores Scarlet Witch’s ‘Ill-Defined Power Set’ – Kevin Feige

Of every upcoming entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision appears to be the funkiest — and the most difficult to get a handle...

Have A Look At Tom Holland In Russo’s Cherry

Tom Holland is once again working with the directors of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Joe and Anthony Russo. This time, he's starring in...

Attack on Titan: A Video Showing How Censorship Changed The Most Brutal Scenes of...

If you have ever watched Attack on Titans, you will laugh out loud when you hear that the series is actually censored. MAPPA Censorship But the...
The Witcher

The Witcher Season 2 Updates: Henry Cavill Films in Frensham Little Pond, Surrey

After a small bump in the shooting due to COVID, the filming of the hit Netflix show, The Witcher, season 2, has resumed and...

Fans Have Chosen Daredevil As The Best Marvel TV Series Available on Netflix

When it comes to high-quality superhero television, few programs have reached the dramatic heights and cultural relevance of Netflix's Marvel slate. When you look...

Act-Age Manga Author Tatsuya Matsuki Admits to Indecent Charges

On August 8, 2020, Tatsuya Matsuki—the author of the Act-Age manga— was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department on charges of indecent acts on...

Karen Gillan: Facts You Didn’t Know About the Nebula Actor

Nebula went from that annoying blue self-righteous robot to one of our favorite blue meanies in no time. Karen Gillan not only proved her skills...

Iron Man Arc Reactor: Secrets That Marvel Did Not Reveal To Us

Marvel Cinematic Universe has always inspired all its fans to imagine all the unseen possibilities in their movies. This makes their movies a blockbuster....

Netflix: Should You Give This 12 Minutes Long Heartbreaking Movie, A Chance?

You jump to Adventure Time and SpongeBob SquarePants when you think of great modern cartoons. But the medium has certainly shifted to tell more...

D.N.Angel Manga To End Soon— Three Chapters Left

Yukiru Sugisaki’s D.N.Angel(ディー・エヌ・エンジェル) manga is finally coming to an end—in three chapters. Kadokawa, the publishing house for the manga, stated this in the January...

Onyx Equinox: Episode 2 of Crunchyroll’s Anime!

Let me tell you one thing now itself; Onyx Equinox was worth the wait, worth the hype, and worth our time. If you haven’t...