Oscar Predictions 2020 Of Candidates For Best Actor


The List Of Best Actor Oscar Predictions 2020:

The awards season is officially underway. And with the Academy Awards coming up soon, here’s a list of the leading candidates for Best Actor. According to our Oscar Predictions 2020, these actors are at the top of the stacked-up category this year. All the actors are talented and are looking to leave their mark in the industry.

Depending on how things go on in the awards, there might be surprise entries as well. Furthermore, it could include names that nobody thought would ever give the famed performers a run for their money. Anything is possible as of now, and we look forward to seeing how and where things go.

The following is a list of the ones to watch out for in the race for Best Actor, according to our Oscar Predictions 2020.

The First In Our List Of Oscar Predictions 2020, Adam Driver, For Marriage Story:

A driver is already reprising his career-changing role of Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, this year. He is also headlining two smaller films looking towards Oscars. These include Marriage Story and The Report. So, regardless of what happens, the actor is sure to have an incredible end to 2019.


Driver plays Charlie, a father going through a rough divorce, in Marriage Story. According to critics, the performances in the film are its strongest assets, with Driver in top form. If the film is a contender for Best Picture, then we can be sure of Driver getting his Oscar nod.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, In Our Oscar Predictions:

Joker is definitely the most polarising film of the 2019 awards season. There are many who have mixed feelings about the movie. Regardless, one thing we all agree about is that Phoenix plays his lead role remarkably.

Joaquin Phoenix 'Joker'
Joaquin Phoenix ‘Joker’ } Image Credit: Insider

The actor has apparently gone to great lengths to get into his character. He has also lost weight and driven himself crazy t commit to the part. It also shows how Phoenix is in top form, in addition to being one of the best at his craft. Furthermore, he is a three-time nominee at the Oscars. So, winning the trophy is getting long overdue.


Our Oscar Predictions 2020 Includes Robert De Niro For The Irishman:

Robert De Niro is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood. He also has a portfolio of some of the all-time greatest films ever made. But, the actor, who has won Best Actor for Raging Bull in 1980, is fighting for another win. This time, it is for his highly anticipated Netflix film The Irishman. In the film, he plays Frank Sheeran, a mobster who claims involvement in Jimmy Hoffa’s murder.

Critics have called this film another Scorsese masterpiece, with De Niro carrying the crime epic. It is also considered to be one of his best work in many years. Although different from Goodfellas and Casino, it shows a different side of the actor. And this is the very thing which could get him an Oscar.

This Year’s Predictions For Oscars Also Has Leonardo DiCaprio For Once Upon A Time In Hollywood:


The actor got his first Oscar back in 2015 for The Revenant. And now, he is back in the race for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s ode to 1960s California. As Rick Dalton, he has another opportunity to showcase his different side. In the film, he taps into a washed-up actor’s sense of mortality and failure, which is something very new for DiCaprio.

In a performance that is heartfelt and humorous, DiCaprio has earned many positive reviews for his work. So, this could be a bright chance for the Titanic actor to get his second trophy.

Adam Sandler In Uncut Gems, Another One On Our Oscar Predictions 2020:

In recent years, Sandler has only had a stretch of generic comedies, which were not quite successful. But, with Uncut Gems, we can safely say that the actor is back at his best. The film is different than his usual ones, in the sense that there is a real Oscar buzz surrounding him this time. And we can very well expect him to actually crack the field this time.


This is a comeback for the actor, with fans rooting for him. So, with a great campaign, Sandler might be able to get a slight edge over his competitors in this list.

The Inclusion Of Jonathan Pryce For The Two Popes:

The Two Popes is a surprise contender in this Oscar Predictions list. The critics only have praises for Pryce and Anthony Hopkins, for their roles as the co-leads of the film. As of now, it is possible that Pryce will be in the race for Best Actor, while the latter goes Supporting. And this will also be a great push for his career.

The Final One Is Christian Bale, For Ford V Ferrari:


In this racing drama, Bale is a co-lead alongside Matt Damon. Moreover, Bale is a huge possibility for Lead Actor, the same category wherein he was nominated last year. In the film, he plays Ken Miles, a fiery race car driver who will drive at Les Mans. He shows his great acting skills as well, displaying a variety of emotions and drama at times. Therefore, with the film earning positive reviews, we can expect Bale as Best Actor to be a possibility.

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