One Piece Episode 1002 Release Date and Spoilers

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Luffy and Zoro are caught by Queen while trying to escape. X Drake and Hawkins have long conversations about their past and the future course of action (betrayals and new alliances). They have a strong disagreement over a possible plot driver for the next episodes.

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One Piece Episode 1002 Release Date 

One Piece Episode 1002 will be getting released on December 5, 2021. Every Sunday, a new episode of One Piece gets released. Alongside, One Piece manga is also picking up pace and still entertaining fans miraculously. 

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If you’re in Europe, the new episode will be getting released on December 5 at 7 AM CES. If you’re a resident of India, you can get to watch One Piece Episode 1002 from 8 AM IST on the same day. 

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One Piece Episode 1001 Recap

The episode starts off with Luffy and Zoro unsuccessfully trying to escape to the rooftop after Queen, in her dragon form, intercepted them by capturing them in her teeth. On the rooftop, Kaido and his subordinates are there and the duo wants to have a face-off with the former. 

Number Fuga and James are fighting the Minks as the latter prefers for the Akazaya Nine to stay out of this as it’s a matter of honor. The Straw Hats regroup to beat all the foes in their surroundings.


Zoro begins fighting the Numbers intensely while X Drake ponders how much has changed after the arrival of the Straw Hats. He contemplates what scenario will develop when Kaido and Big Mom publicly announce their alliance.

Queen decides to teach the prisoners of Udon a lesson for fighting too. Queen inquires about what transpired in the Excavation Labor Camp in Udon, and Hyogoro confirms that he is also present. Babanuki, he feels, has been intimidated because he told him something different.

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King and Queen regroup and have a chat about how everything was completely peaceful before their foes’ arrival. They come to the decision that they’ll have to solve all the chaos and destruction as soon as possible. 


X Drake asks Hawkins if this is a good opportunity, but Hawkins feels that if adversaries approach him, he would slice them. X DRake mentions the extent of loyalty that Hawkins has towards Kaido. The latter mentions his knowledge that Apoo had betrayed the alliance formed between Hawkins, Captain Kid, and Apoo. 

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The two arrive at a huge misunderstanding: Hawkins believes Drake is forcing him to betray his allies while Drake is disappointed at his friend’s reluctance in joining the Animal Kingdom Pirates.

One Piece Episode 1002
Hawkins and X Drake

He expresses his sympathy for a man who has a one percent chance of surviving till the following day. X Drake receives a call from King, who has summoned all of Tobi Roppo’s members. 


King mentioned the yearly Fire Festival and is utterly embarrassed at how the Akazaya Samurai assaulted Onigashima, which has never happened in its long history. Drake was visited by Who’s Who, who reminded him about the chance and invited him to join him. X Drake is curious about Who’s Who’s whereabouts. 

He does, however, explain that he wants to kill what he wants to kill and that he knows where Queen is. X Drake isn’t interested in getting embroiled in the feud between Queen and Who’s Who.

One Piece Episode 1001

One Piece Episode 1002 Spoilers

In the following episode, we’ll most likely see X Drake and Luffy join hands.


Knowing Luffy’s demeanour, we know for sure that he wouldn’t mind having an additional ally on board. The other Straw Hat Pirates, on the other hand, might be against the decision. 

In One Piece Episode 1002, we’ll probably learn more about X DRake, his past, and abilities. Moreover, Nami and Usopp will battle Ulti and Page One and we’re damn excited for that.

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