One Piece Episode 1000 Release Date and Spoilers!

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One Piece anime has finally reached its millenium and it’s a great cause to celebrate as people who love the series. Here’s everything you need to know about One Piece Episode 1000.

One Piece Episode 1000 Release Date

The upcoming One Piece episode will be getting released on the 21st of November 2021. Each and every new episode gets released on a weekly basis. However, as of now, all the latest episodes are available only in Japanese dub with English subtitles. 

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One Piece Episode 999 Recap

With Jimbei and Nico pursuing Big Mom in episode 999, Luffy scales the dome’s roof in order to help out Kaido. Kaido is struggling fighting the minks on his own. However, just as he is about to arrive, the Queen turns into a dinosaur and begins her assault. 

Regrettably, King is on his way. Minks will be able to transition into their stronger form when the full moon approaches, which means lesser chances of victory for our dear protagonists. As a result, Nekomamushi and Inurashi will represent a threat to Jack, who nearly killed the entire Wano the last time they faced off. 

One Piece

Luffy will finally take on the Queen and the King in One Piece Episode 1000. There’s a great likelihood that the Straw Hat Pirates will be giving them some help too.


Some Extra News About One Piece Episode 1000

The 1000th One Piece Episode is a moment of joy and jubilation for many fans. Just imagine Oda’s pride on seeing his brainchild become bigger. 


According to Twitter outlet Yonkou Productions, the episode names are as follows:

One Piece Episode 999: The Fate That Protects You – Yamato and Momonosuke 


One Piece Episode 1000: Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hat Pirates Gather

One Piece Episode 1001: A Dangerous Invitation! Plan to Eradicate Queen.

One Piece Episode 1002: A New Feud! Nami and Ulti

Inurashi and Nekomamushi will finally achieve their sulong forms and meet Jack head-on. We saw Jack covered with blood all over his face in the One Piece Ep 1000 English Sub Preview.


The battle will be fierce, and the three disasters must be dealt with before everyone can concentrate on finally destroying Kaido.

Where To Watch

You can watch this anime on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab. 

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