Nobody Seems to Be Talking About This One Marvel Movie


Marvel Facts:

Fans of the MCU tend to feel that Marvel Studios can do nothing wrong.But through our website you will get all information with unknown marvel facts. Moreover, if they use their logo for a movie, they receive money for it, which is not completely unjustified. Having 23 movies in their portfolio, Marvel Studios has an average gross of $981 million worldwide.

Fans also believe that most of the Marvel movies are decent, to say the least, in addition to a few disappointments. So, with the making of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the company is leaping ahead with risks.

Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

Slated to release on February 2021, the property is not a well known one, especially in comparison to the other Marvel stories. Due to this, there seems to be a little less excitement for the movie.


With the ending of the original Avengers line-up, Marvel is focusing on its new era. Also known as Phase 4, Marvel will be exploring lesser-known characters in the MCU. The line-up includes Black Widow and The Eternals in 2020. And while both of these heroes are not that famous, there is high excitement and anticipation for these due to Angelina Jolie.

With Daniel Destin Cretton as the director, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will also have Awkwafina acting in it. The film is also considered as one of the first Martial Arts movies by Marvel, which is true, yet somewhat reductive.

About the Character

The character has its origin in December 1973, when the writer Steve Englehart and artist Jim Starlin created it. The character does not initially have powers but has skills in martial arts. Subsequently, he starts gaining power in the following years and creates numerous clones of himself. He then joins the Avengers. Sources also suggest that Captain Marvel could make an appearance in the film, and thus boost its reputation.

Criticisms and Backlash


Unfortunately, though, there already are several ugly criticisms surrounding the film and its actors. Simu Liu, an unknown actor who will play the role of Shang-Chi is receiving a lot of hate from fans. Reports suggest that a YouTube channel called Asian Boss recently made comments asking fans if the actor is “too ugly” for the role.

Other Details About the Film

Another issue with the film is that Marvel Studios does not own the rights Fu Manchu, the primary villain of Shang-Chi. Owing to this, the film will have Mandarin as Shang-Chi’s nemesis. Mandarin was going to be the villain in Iron Man 3, but those reports turned out to be false.

Marvel Has Always Been Successful with Lesser-Known Characters:

Even though Shang-Chi did not enter the MCU like the other Avengers, we can still expect it to be great. This is especially because Marvel has a history of spinning gold out of characters that are less famous. The biggest example of this is Ant-Man.

Unknown facts of Marvel series Ant-Man

Fans had never been sure of the idea of an Ant-Man movie, thinking that the character is ridiculous and silly. Things also became controversial with the exit of director Edgar Wright. And although Peyton Reed replaced Wright, there were confusions. The confusion was that Reed is known for making comedies, such as The Break-Up or Bring It On. Naturally, fans had no trust in him to make a hit Marvel movie.


But contrarily, the film was successful. And although Marvel did not gross well with the movie, it did well enough for a sequel. With this, Ant-Man was also able to become an important character in Captain America: Civil War as well as Endgame.

Black Panther:

Another such character is Black Panther. Although more famous than Shang-Chi, the character, in the beginning, does not have the same importance as Captain America or Spider-Man. Still, the movie made on him still remains the highest-grossing and most successful non-Avengers movie by Marvel. It is also the only superhero movie to have an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

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