Black Widow Costume As Seen In New Concept Art From Black Widow

Black Widow Movie

The All-New Black Widow Costume:

According to all-new concept art from the film, we can see Scarlett Johansson in yet another Black Widow Costume. This is concept art for Marvel Studios’ upcoming production Black Widow. Subsequently, in addition to Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff having an angelic white suit, we now have her in a black suit as well.

The Reveal Of The Black Widow new dress:

At the Disney D23 Expo this year, we saw the concept art for the film. Moreover, this concept of art was showcasing Scarlett Johansson as the titular heroine. Additionally, we also saw her in a white suit. This is important especially because it is quite different from her usual Black Widow dress. It also serves as a sort of departure from her usual black suit as evident in the other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

However, a Marvel fan has taken to Twitter to post yet another concept art for the film. This art shows the actress in a black suit. Moreover, she looks nothing less than stunning in the suit as Natasha Romanoff.



Fan Reaction On The Suit:

Fans are obviously very happy about seeing this costume of Black Widow. Many have also expressed their feelings on various social media platforms. These include Twitter, Reddit and more. Many are of the opinion that this black suit is very real and will be present in the movie. Others also say that this Black Widow dress design even has her logo on the belt.

There are others who feel that this suit looks a lot like the Wasp’s suit. Furthermore, many are appreciating her hairstyle and look at the Black Widow Costume.

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