My Hero Academia: Vigilante announces a “special project”

The main story of My Hero Academia is not the only one that will give important announcements during the rest of this month. Since apparently the spin-off of the Illegals series is also ready to give an important notice in the next chapter of its manga.


Vigilante – My Hero Academia: Illegals is a series written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and drawn by Betten Court. It is published on Shonen Jump+ and currently has 99 chapters published on the platform. That said, the series will not miss the opportunity to announce “something very special” with the publication of its 100th chapter.

Thus, the manga announced that the next chapter will show some of its pages in color, and that there will also be news about “a special project” soon.


 As you can imagine, there is a lot of expectation with what the special project could deal with. Especially now that the main story of My Hero Academia is heading towards a much darker arc for its protagonist. Crossover? Animated series? We still have to wait a little longer to know what it is about, but there is already a warning.

What is My Hero Academia: Illegals about?

If you are still not aware, My Hero Academia: Illegals (also known as Vigilante ) is a story that takes place five years before the events of the author Kohei Horikoshi’s story, a time when villain attacks were more recurrent and the profession of “professional hero” was not yet fully regulated.


The story revolves around the young Koichi Haimawari who becomes a vigilante (unlicensed hero, therefore illegal) after being accused by criminals. As the manga progresses, familiar faces from the main series appear and how the protagonist interacts with them (directly or indirectly).

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