Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc Chapter 3: Release Date and Spoilers


With perfect timing riding on the current wave of the Mushoku Tensei popularity, the new Mushoku Tensei manga dropped two fresh chapters last December, 2021. This new manga covers a fan favorite light novel arc, so fans of the original light novel will be much familiar with the story.

As the anime didn’t cover this arc in depth and glossed over much of Rudeus’ deep fall into depression after Eris’ departure, this new manga will be an exciting ground to explore.

So far, the two released chapters have been executed really well. Below you’ll find the important details you need to know about Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc Chapter 3.

About Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc  

The plot of this manga is based on Volume 7 of the original light novel series. It depicts the aftermath of Rudeus’ separation from Eris. After Eris leaves, Rudeus falls into a serious bout of depression. He then tries to pick himself up and heads out to Rozenberg, the second city of the Principality of Basherant, in search of Zenith, his missing mother. Desperate, Rudeus takes on a high-ranking quest all by himself so he can make a name for himself. However, he ends up working with the Counter Arrow, a party of B-rank adventurers and turns out, there’s a girl among the members who reminds him of Eris.


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Recap of Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc Chapter 2

  • Rudeus has arrived at Rozenberg and he’s checked himself in an inn, booking to stay for one month.
  • The chapter begins with him chastising himself to stop thinking about Eris and concentrate on the main reason he’s here in this city now, which is to search for his mother, Zenith.

Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc Chapter 2

  • Zenith is the last member of his family he’s yet to find and he still has a promise to keep to Paul, his father.
  • But even as tries to focus, images of Eris keep popping up in his head.
  • Rudeus then tries to gather his thoughts so that he can make a plan to go about his search.
  • A few years have passed since the teleportation incident and Rudeus doesn’t think Zenith would have stayed in a place where anyone could easily spot her. He thinks that if he could find her, any decent search party would have done the same by now.
  • He then thinks that if he makes a name for himself and becomes popular, Zenith herself may come find him. But then, he begins to wonder how he’d even go about trying to become famous alone because earlier, he relied on the name ‘Dead End’ to spread the fame of their three-man party with Ruijerd and Eris.
  • Also, becoming famous is not a sure guarantee that it will lead to Zenith contacting him. The chances are very low. All these troubling thoughts come to Rudeus as he becomes dejected and hopeless, feeling abandoned and working all by himself when earlier, he used to be part of a group.
  • The next scene cuts to Rudeus dissolving their party and getting a new card.

Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc Chapter 2

  • He decides to take on a mission that involves subjugating luster grizzlies but it’s too risky and requires a party.
  • But Rudeus wants to do this solo so he can make a name for himself by doing reckless, dangerous missions like these. Just then, the B rank party ‘Counter Arrow’ shows up and makes an offer for Rudeus to join them.
  • They apparently heard a sad story about Rudeus, that he lost his comrades while searching for his missing mother and that he doesn’t have enough money now which explains why he’s taking such a risky mission.
  • They see his pain and understand that he can’t possibly have enough determination in him right now to make it on his own after his party just got wiped out. They say that they also just arrived in the city so they’re not accustomed to it yet and since they’re both new, they ask him to join them and work together.
  • Rudeus replies that he wanted to work solo so he can become famous and look for his mother. To this, they ask how he expects to get any fame by working alone. He needs a party for that.
  • He then starts thinking about the offer and realizes that even if he does well solo, only vague rumours will spread without a party. So that people will get to know him better, he needs to join a party.
  • Finally making up his mind, Rudeus agrees to join the Counter Arrow.

Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc Chapter 2


Spoilers of Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc Chapter 3 

  • Based on what happened in Volume 7 of the light novel, Rudeus will not only join the Counter Arrow, but also go on to work with several other parties temporarily and will later acquire the title “Rudeus The Quagmire” through his exploits there.
  • Also, the blonde girl who is a member of the Counter Arrow will play an important role as she does the same in Volume 7 of the light novel.

Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc

  • She’ll mostly be the one who helps Rudeus get back on his feet and move on from his bout of depression. The two will develop some sort of romantic relationship with each other.
  • Later, we’ll also see Rudeus’ primary goal to not be focused on finding his mother anymore after he gets the news from Elinalise that Paul himself had found Zenith.

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Release Date of Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc Chapter 3

Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician Arc is going to be a monthly release manga. So, Chapter 3 is scheduled to release sometime in February, 2022, going by the mangaka’s Twitter account. The exact date is not confirmed for now. Chapter 1 was released on December 20, 2021 along with Chapter 2.

This counts as a double release, with the month of January being skipped. So, we may expect the next chapter to come out on February 20, 2022. Check back in on our site for the latest details.


Where to Read it? 

The manga is accessible on a purchase basis only and it’s only available in Japanese at the moment. But, English translations by the newly established Orsted Corporation scanlation group are available of the two released chapters. You can read it here.

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