Moon Knight Series Rumored To Have An Appearance Of Werewolf By Night

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Werewolf By Night Rumored To Appear In Disney+ Series:

The rumor that Marvel has plans of introducing Jack Russell, a.k.a Werewolf By Night, in a future MCU project, has been making the rounds for quite some time.

And now, according to MCU Cosmic, the character is expected to appear on TV screens. Moreover, it will do so in the Disney+ Series Moon Knight.

We first found out some time ago that Werewolf By Night would make his way to the MCU.

Naturally, fans were of the opinion that this would be in the Disney+ series. However, this report seems to add weight to this theory.

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The Relation Between Moon Knight And Werewolf By Night:

Marc Spector made his comic debut in the Werewolf By Night #32. In saying so, it makes perfect sense that Marvel would use this connection to introduce Jack Russell’s character to us.

Moreover, we know that Spector was originally an antagonist for the lycanthropic hero. Therefore, his inclusion in the Disney+ Series Moon Knight would be quite natural.

Who Is Jack Russell?

Russell is a character that was collectively created. His creators include Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway as well as Mike Ploog.

Furthermore, Russell first made an appearance in Marvel Spotlight #2 in 1972. He is a character who descends from a line of werewolves who the Dracula had created and whose family he had cursed.


Jack was 18 when he inherited his father’s curse and became a teenage werewolf in Los Angeles.

Subsequently, Moon Knight was hired by an evil organization known as the Committee to bring them, Russell. And this led to the first battle between Moon Knight and Werewolf By Night.

However, by the next issue, the two characters were fighting together. They were fighting against the Committee and have remained in connection ever since.


Werewolf By Night In The Marvel Cinematic Universe:

We were also told some time ago that the Disney+ Series Moon Knight would connect to the upcoming MCU movie Blade, starring Mahershala Ali.

So, if Werewolf By Night appears in Moon Knight, there is always the possibility of his appearance in Blade.

Additionally, this is the second major character rumored to appear in Moon Knight. As of now, the Moon Knight series is yet to have an official release date.


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