MCU: Plotting the Release Dates of Marvel’s Phase 5


The Marvel Phase 5 Movies Release Date:

Recently, Disney revealed the Marvel Phase 5 Movies Release Date. These dates will include Marvel Studios movies from October 7, 2022, to November 3, 2023. Furthermore, this also confirms that Marvel Phase 5 will have at least four movies for three years straight, starting in 2021.

As of now, we officially know of one movie to release in 2022. This is Black Panther 2, which will release on May 6, 2022. However, we have tried to analyze the other release dates on the schedule. This way, we might be able to make out the current slate of release dates.

You can find out an estimate of the Marvel Phase 5 Movies Release Date below:

Fantastic Four, To Release On February 18, 2022, According To The Marvel Phase 5 Movies Release Date:


There could easily be a Fantastic Four reboot in the works. One of the biggest reasons for this is that most of the confirmed sequels already have release dates. Moreover, Feige confirmed at this year’s D23 that Black Panther 2 would have a May 6, 2022 release. Subsequently, this guarantees that the February date would have a new property. This is also because it is way too early for wither Captain Marvel 2 or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to come at that time.

Black Panther In The Marvel Phase 5, With The Release Date Of May 6, 2022:

Black Panther 2 leaks

This is a fact that we all know very well. There is no requirement of any speculation here. More so, because Feige himself confirmed it in the 2019 Disney D23 Expo, along with director Ryan Coogler.

Ant-Man 3 To Be A Part Of Marvel’s Phase 5, Releasing On July 29, 2022:


To date, both Ant-Man films have had July release dates. This is because it is right in the middle of the summer blockbuster season. Moreover, each time, the movies have fared well at the box office. The Ant-Man franchise has a light-hearted tone with Paul Rudd in the lead. It also ranks right behind some of MCU’s more heavy-toned properties. These include Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as Infinity War.

The Marvel Phase 5 Movies Release Date Of Blade, On October 7, 2022

Marvel has never scheduled an October release date, ever. But it is doing so for Blade. And Blade during Halloween does make a lot of sense. But, why would the studio go a month ahead of the time it typically does its fall releases? It might swap Fantastic Four with Blade this time around. Or perhaps, Marvel plans to have a Deadpool 3 release during this time. Regardless, Blade seems like a safe bet for Halloween.

Captain Marvel 2 As A Part Of Marvel Phase 5, With A February 17, 2023 Release


This is yet another movie that is difficult to place. This is especially because it could easily place into the February or the May 2023 release dates. It is important to remember here that Marvel introduced the Skrulls in Captain Marvel. So, this movie almost has the possibility of being an Avengers 4.5. This possibility will be even bigger if the studio decides to pursue a bigger storyline.

Avengers 5 Or The New Avengers With A Possible Release On May 5, 2023

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After Infinity War and Endgame, seeing another Avengers movie so soon will be nothing less than a surprise. However, in hindsight, it would be four years since the last Avengers release. So, there is a possibility. If the studio treats Captain Marvel 2 like they treated the Civil War, there could be a different team in the new Avengers. In saying so, they could use the Young Avengers or maybe even the rumored Thunderbolts feature.

However, if they decide to go the Secret Invasion path, we could have Avengers 5 or a New Avengers rebrand. Anything is possible at this point in time.

July 28, 2023, Release Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3:


Now that the original Avengers is over, Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most popular franchises of Marvel. And owing to this, it is very likely that the next movie in the franchise will have a summer slot. This is also because 2022 is a bit too early for the materialization of the movie. Additionally, Black Panther 2 already has the May 2022 date.

Deadpool 3, With A Marvel Release Of November 3, 2023:

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There is a possibility of Deadpool 3 falling in the February 2022 date. However, we already know that Ryan Reynolds has a pretty packed schedule during that time. Moreover, we are hoping that Blade released in October 2022. So, Marvel most probably won’t be in a rush to introduce Wade Wilson to the MCU. This is especially if the film has an R-rating. Therefore, keeping everything in mind, the film might have the last Marvel Phase 5 Movies Release Date.

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