MCU: 5 Times Steve Rogers Was A Total Hero (& 5 Times He Was More Like A Villain)


Steve Rogers In MCU, And His Behaviour:

MCU Steve Rogers is one of the most loyal as well as self-sacrificing superheroes in the MCU. Steve Rogers In MCU has also shown a lot of bravery and heroic behavior during his time as Captain America. Regardless, he is a very complex character. And just like everyone else, it isn’t as perfect as we might think.

There are instances where his behavior has been nothing like the hero he is. And this is true even in those events where his intentions are not wrong. There are several Captain America Movie Scenes where Rogers has made huge mistakes, thereby making him more of a villain than a hero.

The following are five instances where Steve Rogers In MCU was a total hero and five where he was more of a villain.

When Steve Rogers In MCU Was A Villain- When He Did Not Sign The Accords:

The major instances of Rogers losing his heroic ways are from Captain America: Civil War. He did follow his convictions and moral codes in these events. The consequences of his actions were anything but positive.


And we know that he had issues with signing the accords. But despite that, Cap should have recognized the importance of trying to keep the whole team together.

When Steve Rogers In MCU Was A Total Hero- When He Put The Plane Into The Ice:

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Chris Evans
Captain America – The First Avenger – 2011

This is probably one of the most heroic moments of Steve Rogers In MCU. In what is known as one of the best Captain America Movie Scenes, Steve Rogers is willing to sacrifice his life to save others.

If the Tesseract, which was on the plane with the Red Skull’s weapon, reached landmass, it would have killed millions of people. Therefore, to save others, Steve willingly crashed the place even after knowing that he could surely die. This is what defines a hero.

When Steve Rogers Was A Villain- When He Fought Against Tony and The Others In Civil War:



Probably one of the roughest moments in the MCU, this is when we saw Cap against Steve and the other heroes. Even though none of them want to hurt each other, the scene is frustrating. This is more so due to the fact that the heroes are at odds with one another, and are fighting. And both sides are in the wrong as well as in the right. Regardless, Rogers definitely was stubborn in his ways of dealing with things.

Steve Rogers The Hero- When He Risked His Life and Freedom To Save Bucky In Civil War:

In this heroic moment, we see Steve at his best when he saves and cares about the people he loves. The most important of this is his relationship with Bucky. He keeps saving Bucky from HYDRA and the others who want to hurt him. And it is his loyalty to Bucky which is heroic as well as admirable.

Captain America Movie Scenes Where He Is A Villain- Not Telling Tony Stark The Truth About His Parents’ Death:


Another big mistake that Steve makes in Civil War is this. He knows that HYDRA is the one who murders Tony’s parents, who did not die in a random car accident. Yet, he never tells Stark about this. So, when the latter finds out that Steve knew about this, he understandably feels quite betrayed by Steve. And it is this very moment where things between the two heroes change.

The Hero Steve Rogers In MCU- When He Is Willing To Face Thanos and His Army Alone In Endgame:

When Thanos and his army have nearly defeated the Avengers in Endgame, it is not just dramatic, but also heart-breaking. Almost every hero is down, including Steve. But, like a true hero, he gets back up, and fights Thanos and his army, all alone. This is the mark of his true bravery and heroism.

The Villainous Steve Rogers In MCU- The Fight With Iron Man At The End Of Civil War:


Another dramatic moment of Steve Rogers’ arc in the MCU is at the end of Civil War. In this scene, he fights with Tony Stark, which isn’t exactly his heroic moment. Although Rogers was trying to look out for Bucky, he could have handled things with Iron Man before things got this worse.

The Heroic Steve Rogers- Being Worthy Of Wielding Mjolnir:

This is a moment that still makes fans all around the world very happy. It is when it is revealed that Rogers is worthy of wielding the Mjolnir. Since he is a loyal person with a good heart, it does not come as a surprise that he is able to do so in such a critical moment.

The Scene Where Cap Is A Villain- Going Back To The Past and Leaving His Friends Behind:


This is a very controversial moment in MCU history, as well as in Rogers’ story arc. Even though many fans like such an ending to his story, there are others who think it was out of character. Yet, many others also find it extremely selfish.

This is mostly because it seems like Rogers has given up on bein

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