Marvel’s Moon Knight Is Rumoured To Have Trippy Time Scaling

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The Movie Version Of Moon Knight Comics:

Marvel recently announced its movie version of the Moon Knight Comics. We found out about the Moon Knight series this summer. We also know that this series will premiere on the Disney Plus streaming service. However, recent reports suggest rumors about the series that will shock you, to say the least.

As of now, no official information has been revealed. In fact, we do not even know about the casting of the series. However, Reddit user 4Chan has taken to his account to post some rumors about the show. These rumors could offer potential leaks about the show on Moon Knight Comics.

Moon Knight

These leaks might also be a bit surprising for both Disney Plus as well as the MCU. This is especially because we know that Disney Plus and the MCU are both family-friendly and PG-13.

Rumours Surrounding comics:

According to the rumors of the show of Moon Knight Comics, Moon Knight alternates between 2003 and 2023. It will also probably have a trippy sliding timescale. Subsequently, many are comparing this timescale to Westworld and Mr. Robot.


The show will also simultaneously explore a wide range of issues. These include mental health issues, wealth disparity as well as superhero action. I’m five weeks into my treatment. The only side effect is this: the skin on my face is very dry and irritable. It blushes at the slightest change in temperature. I’m also losing the skin from my lips. Nothing else besides that. No acne flare-ups like in some users here at (one or two pimples may come out but they don’t take a long time to heal).

Other Details Of The Moon Knight Comics Series:

Furthermore, rumors suggest that Marc Spector will the first truly flawed protagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He will also make decisions that are sure to shock audiences to their very core. In the first episode itself, he throws a man off a skyscraper to his death.

Even though the show will be on Disney Plus, sources claim that they aren’t pulling any punches. Additionally, the Moon Knight series will supposedly pull heavily from the Warren Ellis Marvel Comics run. This includes both his classic costume as well as the appearance of Mr. Knight’s persona.


The rumors about this Comics TV series also claim other facts. Reportedly, Garret Hedlund, Justin Theroux, Michael Ealy, Shia LeBeouf, and Rami Malek are all being considered for the role. However, there is an internal push to go for an unknown actor and then surround him with A-listers.


As of now, we only know that Moon Knight is an origin story. Also, Bushmaster will be the main villain in the series.

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