Marvel Shang-Chi Plot As Well As Concept Art Leaks Online


Marvel Shang-Chi Online Leaks:

After the rumours regarding Doctor Strange 2 some weeks ago, there are new possible leaks surfacing online. There might be leaks of rumoured details, along with the unverified concept art for the upcoming Marvel Shang Chi online.

In one of the subreddits of Marvel, a fan took to his account to post the details of the concept of art. The artist in question regarding the Shang-Chi concept art is on LinkedIn. He describes himself as a graphic artist.

The Reddit Post Regarding MCU Shang Chi:

These rumours have come from 4Chan, who has a Marvel fan account on Reddit. He shares concept art for Shang-Chi even on Imgur. The art features Simu Liu in a fight suit. Liu plays the titular character in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The film will release on February 12, 2021.


Source: Imgur

The Rumours Surrounding Shang-Chi:

The post also contains plot leaks which have many rumours regarding Shang-Chi. One of the main rumours is about Shang-Chi’s recruitment. Apparently, MI6 recruits him to prevent his father, the Mandarin, from retrieving the legendary Ten Rings. They do so to prevent him from being able to conquer the world. Simu Liu and Tony Leung play Shang-Chi and The Mandarin respectively.

Moreover, MI6 agents Clive Reston and Leiko Wu provide aid to Shang-Chi. As of now, Sam Claflin is in the talks to portray the role of Reston. On the other hand, Jessica Henwick might play the character of Leiko Wu. Hollywood stalwart Pierce Brosnan is in talks to play Jack Tarr, the MI6 director.

Other Possible Plot Leaks:

Another leak is about The Mandarin’s enforcers. These include Shang-Chi’s half-siblings Cursed Lotus and Moving Shadow. Furthermore, M’Nai, a deadly assassin and the mad scientist Lancaster Zhang are also a part of this group. Here, Awkwafina will play Cursed Lotus, while Joe Taslim might be Moving Shadow. David Gyasi is almost confirmed as M’Nai and BD Wong is playing Zhu.


The makers are also talking to Constance Wu to play Mei Ling, Shang-Chi’s mother. Subsequently, Samuel L. Jackson will appear as Nick Fury. And lastly, the dragon Fing Fang Foom will also appear in Marvel’s Shang-Chi.

However, as of now, all these are still rumours. We just have to wait it out till the makers officially confirm anything.

Source: Reddit


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