The Eternals Is Keeping A Secret, Just Like Endgame Was


Marvel Movie Secrets About The Eternals:

One thing that makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe so very interesting is the many Marvel Movie Secrets. From important characters to a variety of hidden Easter eggs, Marvel movies excel in the art of keeping their secrets safe. And this is the same for the upcoming Eternals Movie.

From what it seems, the makers are treating this movie’s script the same way they treated that of Endgame. They are keeping the contents of the script safe and well-hidden from the public eye. In saying so, whatever the script contains is quite huge, to say the least. Subsequently, they obviously don’t want any of it getting out to the world.

Why Such A Secrecy About The Eternals?

According to trusted sources, the makers are treating the Eternals Movie very seriously. This is to a point that during the shoot, extra actors would be picked up at a private location. Furthermore, after that, the production team would even drive them personally to the sets. Safe to say, the Marvel Movie Secrets about Eternals is going to be huge, if not more.


Fan Reaction To The Eternals Marvel Movie Secrets:

Naturally, upon finding out about the numerous Marvel Movie Secrets surrounding The Eternals, fans went wild. One fan even went on to say that they would love to see Thanos return at some point into the MCU. According to this fan, maybe the Snap never actually killed anyone. Instead, it just stored the souls of the “snapped” people into the stones.

So, in the Marvel future, when someone bad gains access to this soul world or starts to reconstruct the Infinity Stones, it is the perfect time for Thanos to re-emerge.


The fan’s theory does make sense, in a way. We already know that Thanos has flipped-flopped his way in the comics. And although he is traditionally a villain, he will align with the heroes for self-preservation, much like Doctor Doom. In that case, therefore, it is likely that the new Avengers would team up with Thanos to save the universe yet again.


Our Thoughts Upon Keeping So Many Marvel Movie Secrets About Eternals:

On the other hand, there is a more plausible theory about the said Marvel Movie Secrets. The makers are obviously being so secretive about this. Therefore, this suggests a huge possibility. Marvel might want The Eternals to be a long-term franchise instead of just a single film.

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