Eternals Could Finally Reveal the Origin Story of Knowhere


The Marvel Eternals:

The origin of Knowhere is undoubtedly one of the biggest mysteries that the MCU has setup. Knowhere is a giant head that is decapacitated. It also doubles up like a space station for the evil. And with the release of Marvel Eternals, fans are now hopeful that they will get to know more about it. MCU Eternals will most probably span thousands of years. Furthermore, it will explore the Marvel universe from its very beginning all the way to the present day.

According to the comics, Marvel Eternals were seeded into humankind thousands of years ago. Cosmic entities of the Celestials do this. Moreover, we have already seen some of these entities in Marvel movies.

Additionally, the Celestials also have enormous powers. They can not only wield the Infinity Stones but also create entire planets. And these creatures are very difficult to kill. This is already evident from the films. Therefore, this only makes the prospect of something like this capable of rending Knowhere’s head even more mysterious.



Marvel Eternals Explores Knowhere As The Dead Celestial In Guardians Of The Galaxy:

There is probably just one Celestial who is prominent in the MCU. Rather, just a part of them is prominently figured. And this part is the skull that floats through space. We see it first in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. In the film, the Guardians take refuge inside Knowhere. It acts as an immense spaceport and mining colony on the edges of the known Universe.

Furthermore, we see Gamora explaining about Knowhere. According to him, it is “the severed head of an ancient celestial being.” Also, it is the home to Benicio del Toro’s The Collector. In a way, this explains the immense size and power of the Celestials. However, the only clue as to what can kill one is Peter Quill’s defeat of Ego. And he does so by blowing up his core. Therefore, in a way, MCU Eternals can possibly answer the question of who or what is capable of decapacitating Knowhere.


The Celestials Create The Eternals In The Comics:

We already know from Jack Kirby’s comics that the Celestials create the Eternals and Deviants. They do so by experimenting with prehistoric humans. Furthermore, they also create mutants, which is another way for the X-Men to join MCU.


However, there is a possibility that Marvel’s Eternals shows the true origin of the Eternals. Therefore, in such a case, they will also have to include an appearance by the Celestials. And if this happens, there will most likely be an appearance of Knowhere itself.


So, How Does Knowhere Fit Into Eternals?

The Celestials have an appearance in many of the promotional materials for Marvel Eternals. However, none of them seems to be the Celestial that becomes Knowhere. Regardless, there is a poster that recently surfaced online. This depicts a Celestial with more than just a resemblance to what might have been Knowhere at some point in time.

However, there is an argument against this picture. In the poster, there is a beam of light blazing from the creature’s forehead. Additionally, there is light shining from its eyes and nose as well. Knowhere, as it exists today, does not have eyes, or other orifices on its forehead.


A Further Explanation:

Yet, there is an explanation for this light too. All the Celestials, except Ego, figure in full body armors. This includes the intricate helmets as well. Therefore, this light could simply be an extra illumination that Knowhere’s helmet provides. This is even if the helmet has been stripped from the skull. And this poster is one of the biggest hints regarding the Celestial.


It hints that we will see the Celestial meet their violent end on screen at some point during MCU Eternals.


The Conclusion:

Therefore, the question is exactly how will the movie depict Knowhere’s death? It is unlikely that the Marvel Comics version of Knowhere’s death will be ported over. According to Marvel Comics, Knull is the one who severs Celestial’s head. He does so with his cosmic sword, the All-Black. However, Knull is a symbiote, a similar species of aliens such as Venom. Moreover, Sony currently owns the movie rights to all the Marvel Symbiotes.

Therefore, it seems like for the on-screen portrayal of Knowhere’s death in the MCU, it needs something new. One of the only plausible explanations could be the fact that it is done for the greater good.



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