10 Of The Best Costumes In The MCU


The Best Marvel Character Costumes

The Marvel Character Costumes are known for giving the characters their identity. Moreover, the Marvel Cinematic Universe always gets its characters right. From the casting to the concept art of Marvel Costumes, everything feels original and straight out of the comic books.

Moreover, it is these costumes that help the actors look their best on-screen. So, here are some of the best Marvel Character Costumes from across the MCU, excluding the TV shows.


Marvel Costumes Of Thor


The God of Thunder has a pretty iconic look in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The general design of Thor’s Marvel Character Costumes has always had some accents from Norse mythology. This further gives the costume sorting from the real world as well. Furthermore, the costumes also draw inspiration from the fantastic comic designs.



Loki’s Costumes In The Marvel Universe

Image by Comicbook

Thor’s brother, Loki, also has costumes with references from the Norse mythology. However, the designs of his costumes in the films closely resemble the comics rather than anything from history. Additionally, the vivid color of green is amongst the most interesting elements of his Marvel Costumes.

Loki’s costumes also often interweave interesting shapes and patterns in them. Also, his helmet is one of the best pieces of headgear in all of his costumes.


The Marvel Character Costumes Of Iron Man

One of the most difficult costumes to adapt to the MCU is the Iron Man armor. However, using hundreds of different designs, CGI and ideas, we were able to see the amazing suit for the very first MCU film.


It is interesting to note that this armor has evolved a lot as Iron Man’s story has progressed in the MCU. Furthermore, it is now sleeker and more related to nano-tech. Regardless, we still love the original red and gold suit.


Hela’s Costumes In The Marvel Universe

Hela is the goddess who essentially brought Asgard to its knees. Otherwise known as the Goddess of Hell, Hela is unmatchable when it comes to strength and power.

And this is exactly what her costume reflects. It portrays her villainous nature and has the same vivid green that we see on Loki’s costume. Her headdress, on the other hand, is a part of her weaponry.



The Marvel Character Costumes And Suit Of Captain America

Captain America, the super-soldier created during WWII, has also worn quite a number of different costumes over the years. His original tactical military outfit still remains a work of genius. Additionally, his stealth suit is something fans still rave about, even today.

However, it is his final outfit that is the best amongst all. It is a costume that people resonate with. Moreover, the color scheme, the star as well as the wings across the head, all define Cap’s look.


Captain Marvel’s Clothes Across The Marvel Universe


Captain Marvel’s costumes did go through a few different variations in her solo film. Additionally, she looked different when she joined the Avengers. But, as we know, her suit is based on the Kree uniform. So, it had the colours right from the start.

But the suit looks more like it should after its colorful redesign. And with that, it will also have a lot more longevity to it.


Black Panther And His Recognizable Costumes

Black Panther

Easily one of Marvel’s most recognizable heroes, Black Panther’s costumes is based on ancient designs of Wakanda. Furthermore, they have been enhanced with modern technology. However, we prefer the original suit more than the one he currently wears. This is especially because the original one is more ceremonial, battle-worn as well as classic, just like in the comics.



Costumes Of Doctor Strange

The master of the mystic arts has a costume that does not only relate to his comic character but also brings some of the difficult elements into the real world. A magic carpet-like cape and his magical clothing together make up his entire look.

However, it is his costume with the brown gloves that we love the most. The Eye of Agamotto, which no longer remains, would be the perfect finish to his suit.


The Black Widow Marvel Character Costumes


In addition to getting a major upgrade with the White Widow to look, the costume of Black Widow is something that is on an entirely different level. From the lackluster original costume, the character has something more sleep, tactical and menacing. Complete with different gadgets, Black Widow’s costumes are now perfect for stealth missions.

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